Novatel Wireless Partners with ClickServices for Global Wireless Data Solutions

Novatel Wireless Global Short Messaging Service to Operate Across All Networks and Devices

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq:NVTL), a provider of wireless data access solutions, today announced its strategic relationship with ClickServices, a leading provider of wireless Internet and intranet infrastructure solutions.

The two companies have been working together for several months to offer bundled solutions utilizing Novatel Wireless' data access products and ClickServices technology and products. Under the terms of the partnership, Novatel Wireless' data access products will embed features of ClickServices technology, including global short message service capabilities that operate across all types of networks and devices worldwide. The addition of the new technology means that Novatel Wireless' products can now bypass the limitations imposed by carrier network incompatibilities, providing users with global one-way and two-way messaging features spanning disparate and incompatible networks and devices.

"This partnership is a significant step for global interoperability. With IP-based technologies, carriers and enterprises can deploy global wireless solutions today without waiting for 3G," said Sundaram Natarajan, president and CEO of ClickServices.

"Novatel Wireless' customers will now be able to communicate across technology barriers using Novatel Wireless' Global Short Message Service (G-SMS) and internet protocol," said Peter Leparulo, Senior Vice President of CDMA Operations for Novatel Wireless. "The ClickServices technology enhances our products by enabling us to provide our customers with the ability to send a short text message from a CDMA device to a GSM/GPRS device and vice-versa. This ability has never before existed in the wireless space."

Novatel Wireless' G-SMS allows SMS messages to be sent to any SMS capable cellular phone and pager technology on the GSM, CDMA, or reflex network. The user enters a telephone number into the application, it looks up the necessary carrier information, and chooses the best messaging protocol with which to send the message. There is no infrastructure upgrade necessary on the carrier's side, since Novatel Wireless' G-SMS uses a client-side technology. Novatel Wireless' G-SMS is also seamlessly integrated into popular personal information managers (PIM) such as Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) and Microsoft(R) Pocket Outlook(R). This allows short messages to be sent directly from their PIM, which users will already be familiar with.

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