NTT DoCoMo Establishes Consortium to Conduct Field Trials of Live Mobile Streaming Applications

PacketVideo Corporation, the recognized leader in software for the delivery of rich media over today’s wireless networks, announced that PacketVideo and NTT DoCoMo have successfully delivered one-to-many live video streaming to NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA video-enabled phones. Trials of the live streaming services will begin in October 2001, concurrent with the commercial launch of the third generation mobile communications system, branded “FOMA” (Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access). A new platform, developed through a technology alliance between the two companies, will enable the world’s first live streaming services over the FOMA network.

NTT DoCoMo has also announced that it will establish the “FOMA Live Streaming Delivery Trial Consortium” and conduct field trials of new live video streaming applications, based on PacketVideo’s technology, in cooperation with enterprise users. The consortium will consist of 31 corporations and organizations, including Sogo Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd., a home security and guard service company; and JTB Corp., Japan’s largest travel agency. The consortium will conduct trials of such applications as home security, child-care center monitoring and traffic information services for commercial use. The trials are also scheduled to utilize not only FOMA videophones, but also PDAs, and will encompass archived video delivery in addition to live delivery. PacketVideo will work with DoCoMo to ensure the reliability, usability and marketability of all streamed content.

PacketVideo has been working extensively with NTT DoCoMo for nearly three years on 3G?324M software testing and most recently, collaborating to develop wireless streaming services via FOMA video-enabled phones. 3G-324M is the standard approved by the Third Generation Partner Project (3GPP) to ensure interoperability between various mobile terminals. The announced platform enables the delivery of a single live stream to numerous handsets simultaneously, whereas current 3G-324M videophone services only allow one-to-one communication.

This technological development is based on PVPlatform™, PacketVideo’s wireless multimedia solution. NTT DoCoMo and PacketVideo have jointly developed the technology that enables MPEG-4 streams transferred in Realtime Transport Protocol (RTP) from PVServer™ to be converted into a 3G-324M-based format compliant with FOMA video-enabled phones. PacketVideo’s end-to-end multimedia delivery solution is fully compliant with 3GPP’s 3G?324M-based terminal specification, which includes the MPEG-4 standard.

“PacketVideo is pleased to provide its wireless multimedia technology for FOMA, a next-generation mobile communication service,” said James Brailean, president, chief executive officer and co-founder of PacketVideo. “The combination of our wireless streaming technology and FOMA’s two-way multimedia mobile phone devices expands potential applications from pure video telephony to a wide variety of compelling live and pre-encoded information, communication and entertainment applications.”

The PacketVideo Solution

PacketVideo’s PVPlatform is a 3GPP compliant end-to-end wireless multimedia solution that encodes, delivers and decodes wireless multimedia, video and audio over error-prone wireless networks. PVPlatform comprises PVAuthor™ for encoding content, PVServer for controlling and delivering rich media, and PVPlayer™ for decoding and displaying the content on a mobile device. Each component enables wireless operators, device manufacturers, and application and content developers to deliver rich media over current and next-generation wireless networks. One of the most significant features of PVPlatform is the FrameTrack™ dynamic rate control technology. FrameTrack provides uninterrupted video and audio streaming at the best possible quality in wireless, error-prone networks with varying bit rates. PVServer uses FrameTrack to adjust the frame rate automatically for each individual subscriber based on video quality information detected by PVPlayer in real time.

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