PatientKeeper Offers Innovative Solution to Medication Errors Using Symbol Devices

Widely-Used Mobile Platform Incorporates Bar Code Scanning to Save Lives

PatientKeeper today announced an agreement with Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL) that will result in the integration of bar code scanning capabilities into PatientKeeper Mobilizer, PatientKeeper's open mobile platform for healthcare. Bar code scanning will be an alternative data input device for applications developed for the PatientKeeper Mobilizer platform.

The incorporation of bar code scanning capability in handhelds will increase the speed and accuracy of data capture by leveraging one- and two-dimensional bar code labels currently in use throughout healthcare institutions. Symbol Technologies' bar code scanning libraries will be incorporated in the Mobilizer Software Development Kits (SDKs) that provide application developers with all of the tools necessary to build handheld applications for healthcare.

"The PatientKeeper Mobilizer platform allows multiple, independently authored applications to be developed and integrated on a single handheld," says Stephen Hau, founder and vice president of platform for PatientKeeper. "By making Symbol Technologies bar code scanning APIs available as part of our SDKs, our developer community can deploy handheld solutions that use bar code readers with relative ease."

Symbol's bar code technology immediately identifies a number of facts about patients that otherwise could have taken considerable time to resolve, slowing the delivery of treatment. Symbol's bar code technology also ensures accuracy, which reduces errors and saves lives.

"Bar codes are used extensively in hospitals throughout America, from patient wristbands to automatic dispensing and recording prescriptions," says Scott Cobb, Vice President of Vertical Markets at Symbol Technologies. "Integrating bar code data capture technology into PatientKeeper's Mobilizer platform facilitates the development of applications that enable care givers using our portable handheld devices with a critical tool for reducing medical errors - simply by capturing the bar code and verifying the information at the point of care."

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