PhysicianAccess Introduces Industry's First Full-featured Wireless Handheld for Physicians

Device supports physicians at the point of care, enabling them to access patient data, record clinical observations, order tests and medications, and capture charges.

PhysicianAccess announced today the latest advance in patient care with the industry's first Internet-enabled, fully integrated wireless handheld application.

Designed to improve physician workflow, the tool provides access to patient data and the capability to document the complete clinical visit in less than two minutes from anywhere. PhysicianAccess is an application service provider (ASP) that develops comprehensive office operations systems for independent physicians.

Using an Internet-enabled PDA, tablet or phone, physicians can access and record the complete encounter. Physicians can also use the device to order diagnostic tests such as lab work, write formulary compliant prescriptions, and capture charges. All entries automatically update the patients' medical record, while requisitions and prescriptions may be automatically transmitted for processing.

"We have delivered a solution which physicians have long been anticipating -- the ability to document an entire patient visit using a fast, intuitive and secure application on a wireless handheld device," said Phil Stillman, M.D., chief medical officer for PhysicianAccess. "This unique handheld solution will increase office productivity and enable physicians to treat patients from anywhere."

The ASP-enabled application is an integrated component of PhysicianAccess' total office operations system called PAxNet(TM) that combines practice management and electronic medical record systems with robust patient-office communications.

"No one else offers the level of functionality, integration and flexibility available through PAxNet. Within that context, the handheld is the linchpin for physicians," said PhysicianAccess CEO Robert Gunn. "With a system like ours that integrates front and back office operations and mimics a physician's normal practices, we keep physicians out of the data entry business so they can focus on what they do best -- treating patients."

The system combines features such as scheduling; call management, patient registration, coding, billing, clinical documentation, prescription management, dictation, and a patient-accessible health profile. It works in conjunction with desktop-based computers within an office; giving physicians continuously updated schedule and patient visit documentation.

PAxNet(TM) was built from the ground up as an integrated Internet-based application. Its advantages over other applications include low-cost deployment, painless upgrades, elimination of on-site system administration, and accessibility to critical medical information. Subscription pricing for the entire application starts at $400 per provider per month, with subscription discounts offered to groups of four or more providers.

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