Planet PDA -- The Global Summit on Handheld Productivity Solutions Introduces Products for the Health-Care Industry

More Than 113,000 Deaths Each Year Are Due To Medical Error(a)

Through the Adoption of Handheld Computing Strategies, 50 Percent of Hospital Error Is Eliminated With Automation

The most advanced handheld computing solutions that can improve the health-care industry will be on display at "Planet PDA -- The Global Summit on Handheld Productivity Solutions." The event will be held Dec. 4-6, 2001, at the Venetian/Sands Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas.

According to Mia Carely, associate producer of "Planet PDA will provide a first-class learning forum for anyone involved in implementing handheld devices into the health-care industry.

"The editors of TMC's leading publications have developed a very informative conference program that will provide information on how you can use cost-saving handheld technology products and services to improve profitability in your business and make you more efficient."

Sessions will educate attendees about how to select applications, maintain security, develop wireless connectivity solutions, develop customized applications and integrate network solutions. You'll also hear case studies of how companies have successfully implemented handheld devices into their enterprise.

The health-care industry is just one vertical that stands to benefit from the deployment of handheld and wireless technology. Medical workers who use PDAs on a regular basis illustrate how important mobile communications can be in a profession where people are constantly on the move and need to have instant access to critical data.

While PDAs have proven themselves indispensable for so many people and companies in other fields, doctors' offices and hospitals are beginning to show off how versatile and efficient these devices can really be.

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