PSC Announces Availability of Momentum II Bar Code Scanner Module for Handspring Visor

New Pocket-Sized Scanning Tool For Supply-Chain Management

PSC Inc. (Nasdaq: PSCX) today announced the availability of its Momentum(TM) II bar code scanner module that plugs directly into the Springboard(TM) expansion slot of a Handspring(TM) Visor(TM), transforming the handheld computer into a pocket-sized portable data collection terminal.

Capable of decoding and autodiscriminating most bar code symbologies, Momentum II is able to scan and store thousands of bar codes into its 2MB of flash memory. The memory also serves as a back up to the Visor memory and enables the module to be shared between handhelds.

Momentum II is pre-loaded with a bar code scanning Momentum Applet and FileMover(TM) application, enabling out-of-the-box scanning capabilities and easy backup or transfer of files to the module's flash memory or a PC. Momentum II's platform compatibility with the Palm(TM) operating system allows for downloading or development of thousands of additional applications. A complimentary Momentum II software development kit is also available on PSC's Web site.

"As the most cost-effective pocket-sized scanning tool on the market, Momentum II and its portable data collection capabilities adds significant agility throughout the global supply chain," said Brad West, Vice President, Mobile and Wireless of PSC Inc.

"PSC's new Momentum II scanning module is a compelling solution for the enterprise marketplace," said Rita Sharma, Developer Relations Manager for Handspring. "Momentum II coupled with Visor has the capability to reduce supply chain costs and increase efficiency for our customers."

Momentum II is compatible with all Visor models, including Visor Prism and Visor Edge(TM).

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