Ray & Berndtson Recruits Synchrologic for Wireless Email and PIM Solution

Synchrologic's iMobile Suite Deployed to Connect Executive Search Firm Professionals with Microsoft Exchange Data

Due to the mobile nature of executive search firm professionals, reliable, anytime access to contact information and email communications from clients and prospective candidates is critical to success.

Global search firm, Ray & Berndtson, has chosen Synchrologic's iMobile Suite to give their partners up-to-the-minute access to Microsoft Exchange 2000 data using handheld mobile devices. With iMobile Suite, Ray & Berndtson partners will be able to increase productivity by having the information they need at their fingertips regardless of where they travel.

iMobile Suite will provide Ray & Berndtson partners constant access to critical contact, calendar, and email information on Microsoft Pocket PC devices. iMobile Suite provides server-based access to messaging and scheduling software. As an added benefit, iMobile Suite easily expands to offer file and Web content distribution, mobile systems management, software distribution, and enterprise application synchronization through a single administration console. With these solutions readily available, Ray & Berndtson can instantly and cost-effectively send resumes and other critical documents or information to its global locations, further increasing productivity.

"The Synchrologic solution allows us to seamlessly integrate our leading edge knowledge management and workflow tools with the latest mobile handheld technology," said Doug Orr, Vice President of Knowledge at Ray & Berndtson. "It allows our partners to instantly access and communicate critical information from anywhere in the world using a PDA."

Synchrologic's iMobile Suite offers Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino server-based synchronization to handheld devices. Synchrologic's server-based synchronization is a key element for successful enterprise deployments versus traditional desktop synchronization solutions. Key benefits to enterprises and users include:

-- A simple and flexible user experience including one-button synchronization so that the user need only push one button to obtain all data. Additionally, one-button sync automatically detects the connection type whether wireless or wire line.

-- Administrative consistency with Microsoft server products through Microsoft Management Console-based administration.

-- A very simple administrative experience through automatic query of the server for the user's mailbox name and location so that the administrator is not required to maintain this information.

-- Support for large-scale implementations on multiple server through automatic discovery and administrative control. *T "Our goal is to help companies share the vital business information that gives them the advantage in their market place," said John Dancu, president and chief operating officer at Synchrologic. "iMobile Suite will allow Ray & Berndtson to access information which will improve client relations and increase productivity. Providing their highly mobile partners with the information they use most is a move that pays dividends in today's competitive environment."

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