Sierra Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Padcom and Panasonic Develop Wireless Data Solution for Law Enforcement Officials and Public Safety Industry

Demonstration of Wireless Data Solution Developed by WirelessReady(TM) Alliance Members

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR)(TSE:SW.) and WirelessReady(TM) Alliance members, Padcom, Panasonic, and AT&T Wireless announced today they will offer a bundled wireless data solution for law enforcement officials and the public safety industry.

This combined wireless solution will allow law enforcement officials to intelligently switch between wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN) networks without dropping their connection, providing them with access to critical data anywhere, anytime. WirelessReady(TM) Alliance members will be demonstrating the service offering at their respective booths during the APCO conference.

The new bundled solution will include Padcom's TotalRoam Ellipse(TM) WLAN/CDPD seamless switching application, a wireless LAN card, the Sierra Wireless AirCard(R) 300 wireless network card, the first always-on wireless wide area network interface card, Panasonic's rugged Toughbook(R) CF-27 and AT&T's wireless network service. This solution creates a true mobile office in patrol vehicles with high-speed access to large file downloads such as reports and mug shots that can be delivered through LAN access while retaining ubiquitous WAN coverage and connectivity for low bandwidth applications. Officers are now able to work as effectively from their vehicles as they do from their desks, increasing time on the street and improving agency efficiency and overall safety.

"The WirelessReady Alliance continues to play an instrumental role in creating an environment where wireless leaders can come together and create unique wireless data solutions for the growing mobile computing market," said Andrew Harries, senior vice president, corporate development for Sierra Wireless. "By bringing the expertise of these four members together, the public safety industry will now be able to use a comprehensive product that is specifically designed to overcome the challenges they face on the job."

Utilizing the Panasonic Toughbook loaded with Padcom's TotalRoam(TM) Ellipse software, a LAN card and the Sierra Wireless AirCard 300 wireless network card, officers are able to send and receive data messages over the AT&T Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) network or the wireless LAN, depending on coverage and/or message size. This bundled solution will provide a complete wireless communications system that meets all of the needs of agencies combining WAN and LAN to create a single virtual network.

Founded in 1998 by Sierra Wireless, the WirelessReady Alliance is composed of wireless device manufacturers, software application vendors, and wireless and value-added enterprise service providers. Members work together to bring to market complete and compelling wireless data solutions that accelerate the rate of mobile computing and wireless data adoption.

"The public safety industry is realizing the value that wireless data communications bring to their organizations. Padcom has recognized this value for years and has worked to create ubiquitous coverage through the combination of WANs and LANs," said Mark Ferguson, director of marketing and strategic planning at Padcom, Inc. "We are pleased to partner with companies that share our goal of creating performance-efficient and cost-effective wireless data solutions to increase both officer safety and efficiency."

"Panasonic has enjoyed a long history of working with the public safety community. We have used that experience to drive our product direction and development," stated Rance Poehler, President of Panasonic Computer Solutions Company. "In the past, we offered ruggedized mobile computers with fully integrated wide area networking, allowing personnel to access critical data in the field. Now, with the advent of new technologies, it is possible for us to offer the same integration for local area networking. For that reason we are very excited about the Wireless Ready Alliance and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship providing seamless wireless solutions for our customers."

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