Soltima Announces General Availability of Wireless Publishing Platform 3.0

Unparalleled Publishing Solution for Network Operators Packaged with Developer Tools for Creating Targeted Packages and End-User Personalization

Soltima, Inc., a global provider of wireless infrastructure software and services, today announced the release of its Wireless Publishing Platform V3.0.

The launch of Version 3.0 creates unprecedented opportunities for wireless carriers by dramatically increasing the range of services and content offered to a service provider's customers. This latest release provides support for virtually any language, has improved content packaging, an updated GUI, and a real-time Query feature for subscribers.

The Wireless Publishing Platform enables rapid integration and provisioning of services and content streams, making it feasible to offer customers access to thousands of services and content providers. Soltima has developed a structured XML-based publishing format that is compactly designed for low overhead known as PublishML(TM). Using Soltima's PublishML significantly increases the carrier's ability to procure content from almost any provider or data source to help create an attractive offering of local, national, and global content and applications.

For publishers and service creators, the use of Soltima's PublishML(TM) formats enables content to be developed once for multiple presentations, both wireless and wired (SMS, WAP, voice, Web portal, etc.). The Soltima platform is designed to support the wide range of wireless handheld devices in use today, and to allow operators to add new devices with no disruption in service.

"Our goal is to deliver a platform that gives network operators flexibility to rapidly scale content and services," said Don Warkentin, CEO, Soltima, Inc. "New features in version 3.0 directly address the desire of wireless operators to increase use of their networks, driving increased revenue. In addition, operators will be able to substantially reduce the complexity and cost of adding and supporting new services."

Using the Service Package Manager, a simple Web interface, wireless providers can select content and other services to create packages and service offers designed for specific customer segments and groups.

With the simple web interface of the Service Package Manager, wireless providers can select content and other services for inclusion in specific packages or bundles. This provides a level of flexibility in creating offers to attract new customers and to trade-up existing customers to new service packages. Utilizing the language support within the platform, operators can prepare a subscriber offering in multiple languages, allowing them to appeal to a diverse customer base.

Through the Personalization Manager, a wireless provider's subscribers can elect which services to present on each of their wireless devices, and how each presentation should vary by time of day or mode (work, home, vacation, etc.). Using the Query feature, subscribers can customize their preferred content and devices even further. Subscribers can enter more personalized information, such as a home city for weather reports, and access immediate real time information.

Delivering dynamic highly personal content to a subscriber's fingertips greatly increases network usage. The Personalization Manager is typically incorporated in a wireless provider's portal, through a web interface or directly from a wireless device. This is made possible through an API, providing service providers full control of functionality and presentations offered to subscribers.

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