SPSS MR To Distribute Techneos Systems Interviewing Software for Handheld Computers

Extending the Opportunity for Market Research to Break Into New Markets Through the SPSS MR Partner Technologies Program

Market research professionals the world over are constantly looking for highly mobile yet powerful means of electronic data collection.

To meet this demand, SPSS MR has today become an official distributor of Techneos's Entryware(TM) software for MCAPI (Mobile Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing). Designed for use with handheld computers, the Entryware system is the premiere solution for collecting survey data at remote locations.

"Because this technology is so portable, it opens doors for market research companies trying to break into new markets," said Richard Kottler, VP of product directions for SPSS MR. "For exit polls or surveys at places like airports and tradeshows, electronic data collection is often only viable with a handheld device. The beauty of Entryware is that it offers most of what you get in full-blown CAPI, yet you only need a lightweight, inexpensive computer to run it! If your goal is to automate data collection, and mobility is critical, then Techneos's solution is unmatched."

The Entryware suite of programs offers a full range of functionality for professional market research, including most types of survey questions, multiple-language support and powerful scripting capabilities. It runs on the Palm(R) operating system - the standard for handheld computing. "A growing number of market research firms around the world use the Entryware system, and know that it offers great power and reliability while being exceptionally easy to use. To make it even more effective, we are adding support for the SPSS MR Data Model," said John Weisberg, Techneos's VP of marketing.

Entryware MCAPI complements regular CAPI running on laptop PCs. Customers who need to include pictures, sounds, video or show numerous items at once in their surveys will want to continue using CAPI software such as In2quest. For these applications you need the capabilities of a laptop.

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