Extends Mobile Support Solution to RIM BlackBerry and Microsoft Pocket PC Platforms

Always-on Technical Support for Mobile Devices Puts Help Within Easy Reach, Inc., the leading provider of support automation software, today announced the extension of its Resolution Suite software platform to the RIM BlackBerry and Microsoft Pocket PC platforms, underscoring its commitment to provide pervasive technical support for an increasingly connected computing environment. Earlier this year, introduced the Mobile Support Solution for the Palm OS.

As more complex business processes become dependent on various mobile platforms, device manufacturers and enterprises alike are challenged to ensure that users have quick, reliable, 24/7 access to technical support.'s Mobile Support Solution can be embedded into the Palm OS, RIM BlackBerry, and Microsoft Pocket PC products offered by various device manufacturers to extend enhanced automated support services to their customers. It can also be integrated into the enterprise environment, in association with's industry-leading Resolution Suite software, to support diverse business applications, ranging from sales force automation to supply chain management.

"Offering automated technical support services for wireless devices allows manufacturers to differentiate themselves by presenting users with a more reliable mobile computing experience. Similarly, enterprises who offer their users automated support for mobile applications can increase user uptime, productivity and satisfaction," said Kris Brittain, research director at Gartner. "The ability to automatically resolve technical issues, smoothly connect users with support specialists, and capture data on recurring technical problems, translates into greater cost savings and revenue-generating opportunities for both manufacturers and enterprises."

Recognizing that more enterprises and end users are relying on mobile devices to perform critical business operations, CompuCom Systems, Inc., a outsourcing partner, is dedicated to ensuring customers' systems are running smoothly regardless of what platform, device or application they may be using.

"As enterprises accelerate the adoption of mobile solutions, it's important the right device and software are selected so that increased productivity is delivered when and where the user requires it," said Chuck Jarrow, VP Solution Services, of CompuCom Systems, Inc. "That's why CompuCom created a service offering that helps our customers choose and install the best mobile solutions for their needs. We believe customers who demand advanced mobile offerings can realize maximum functionality from leading technologies such as the Mobile Support Solution, which helps provide instant access to automated support."'s Mobile Support Solution provides customers with a support experience that is based on the specific context of the user's problem, providing a highly personalized solution. If the problem with a mobile device can't be resolved on the spot, then's software can automatically connect the user to the most appropriate support analyst. In doing so,'s software automatically provides data about the problem to the analyst, so that the incident can be resolved more quickly and easily. The result is more satisfied users and less expense for the enterprise in servicing their mobile customers. The Mobile Support Solution for the RIM BlackBerry and Microsoft Pocket PC platforms will be generally available in September of this year.

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