United Airlines Partners With Centerpost to Provide Airline Industry's Most Comprehensive Travel Alert Service

In a major advance in airline customer service, United Airlines, Inc. (NYSE:UAL) will partner with Centerpost Corporation (www.centerpost.com) to provide the airline industry's most comprehensive travel alert service, enabling United customers to receive proactive flight and reservation information on the communications device of their choice.

The new service follows a successful six-month pilot test and will be offered to select customers of United and United Shuttle flights in the fall.

The service, which goes beyond messaging services offered by other airlines, will deliver a variety of travel advisories and messages to United customers via voice as well as text. Passengers will have the flexibility to specify exactly what information they want to receive and on which wired or wireless communications devices they want to receive it -- phone, e-mail, pager, fax or personal digital assistant (PDA). The service, which utilizes Centerpost's industry-leading SmartDelivery(SM) electronic messaging technology, is the latest addition to United's Easy travel services, designed specifically to make air travel faster and easier for passengers.

After a simple one-time registration on United's website, customers will be able to receive customized information about flight delays, cancellations, seat upgrades and other pertinent travel information and to specify exactly how they want to receive each message. For example, a passenger using the service could choose to have a flight delay notification delivered to their mobile phone and also have a copy delivered to their assistant's email box so that the traveler and assistant are both informed of the flight's status.

In addition, customers of this service will be able to receive flight re-accommodation notifications from United's Customer Advocate Center. If a customer experiences a flight cancellation or significant delay on a United flight, the Customer Advocate Center will automatically rebook the customer to their final destination, and then immediately notify the customer of their new travel arrangements via the device(s) of their choice.

"Centerpost's communication technology offers United tremendous opportunities to build deeper customer relationships by ensuring that customers always have the information they need," said Juergen Stark, co-founder and CEO of Centerpost. "As we saw over the course of the pilot test, customers just love this service. They feel it is easy to use, personalized, and, most importantly, a big time saver."

Centerpost is a leading provider of multi-channel electronic messaging services for businesses looking to improve communications with their customers. Centerpost's XML-based SmartDelivery service is a fully hosted messaging solution that helps businesses, such as United, communicate with their customers in exactly the manner their customers prefer. The SmartDelivery platform permits companies to deliver all types of information effectively, from urgent alerts to less time-sensitive information, and offers a host of features, including message viewing, tracking, and two-way messaging capabilities, that clearly sets it apart in the market.

"With this new service addition, United truly has the most comprehensive notification services in the industry to serve our customers," said Bill Dove, United's Director of Customer Satisfaction. "We recognize that our customers do not have a lot of time to spare, and it is our commitment to continue to offer services that will save them time and improve their overall travel experience."

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