Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless service provider, today announced that JAMDAT Mobile, a leading provider of middleware technologies and services for the creation, distribution and monitoring of mobile entertainment applications, is landing its flagship title, Gladiator, on the Verizon Wireless Mobile Web games deck.

"Games are stimulating, entertaining and a great way to spend your time," said Gary Schulman, president of Verizon Wireless' Wireless Data and Internet Division. "We know our Mobile Web customers will be excited to see that we have added Gladiator, a fun, intuitive and challenging game, to our current entertainment offerings."

Gladiator allows players to compete in a battle of wits against other players from around the world. Verizon Wireless customers can choose from four different gladiators - each with different combat abilities and characteristics - with which to challenge friends or the computer in head-to-head arena combat. Players decide where and how to strike and block their opponent, with the results of the bout delivered to both players. Once saved online, the gladiators continue to grow stronger with each win.

"JAMDAT's value proposition is bringing games that are entertaining, compelling and easy to use, which keep customers coming back to the mobile Web," said Mitch Lasky, CEO of JAMDAT Mobile. "Given Verizon Wireless' substantial user base, we are looking forward to initiating a whole new legion of Gladiator fans."

Mobile Web, launched in July 2000, combines the mobility of wireless communications with access to World Wide Web-based information and the ability to easily personalize that information. Mobile Web uses a simple intuitive format making it easy for the user to customize what they want to see on their handset. Users can customize either directly from their handset or via desktop using the Web site. The "MyVZW" Web site provides a personal home page enabling users to identify text message alerts they want sent to the handset as well as select only the Internet-based information they want.

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