Verizon Wireless Taps OmniSky as Premier Provider of Wireless Data Applications and Services for Wireless Interactive Devices

OmniSky Corporation (Nasdaq:OMNY) today announced an agreement with Verizon Wireless making OmniSky one of Verizon Wireless' premier providers of wireless applications and services for wireless interactive devices.

The company's agreement to provide Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless carrier, with applications and services from its Oxygen platform demonstrates its ability to execute on the business strategy the company set at the beginning of the year -- to become the preferred provider of wireless applications and services to leading telecommunications carriers, online service providers and hardware manufacturers. The company intends to work closely with Verizon Wireless to help accelerate the delivery of compelling wireless data services to Verizon Wireless customers, making their wireless interactive devices into indispensable communications tools.

According to the terms of the agreement, OmniSky will receive revenues based on the number of subscribers that access the applications and services provided by OmniSky.

The ability of carriers to market meaningful wireless data services to their subscribers is pivotal to the overall rate of wireless data service adoption. At the end of 2001, IDC forecasts 110 million wireless voice subscribers in North America -- subscribers who are likely to adopt innovative wireless data services. Verizon Wireless has nearly 30 million wireless subscribers, including more than 1.1 million subscribers to its Mobile Web and Mobile Web IP data services.

OmniSky is a leading provider of award-winning wireless data applications and services. The company established its reputation for excellence in wireless data services by providing the best-possible user experience for its wireless e-mail and Internet service for handheld devices. OmniSky has now expanded its applications and services to new mobile devices -- such as feature phones, new smart phones and laptops -- as well as to additional wireless networks, including CDMA, GPRS, and next-generation networks. OmniSky also continues to enhance its Oxygen platform with support of all of the key industry standards, providing companies such as Verizon Wireless with greater flexibility in how they deliver services to their customers.

OmniSky Oxygen Applications and Services Platform

OmniSky Oxygen provides a complete set of modular hosted services and applications that enables carriers, devices manufacturers and online service providers to quickly introduce customized wireless services for the consumer and enterprise market under their own brand.

OmniSky's operational services are a customized end-to-end OmniSky solution that includes comprehensive management of hosted wireless applications while allowing customers to own their brand and their end-user relationships. OmniSky hosting of services ensures superior scalability and reliability.

OmniSky's device-, technology- and network-independent technology platform includes applications in the categories of Messaging, Content Delivery, Web Services and Location-Based Services. This suite of customizable applications enables customers to generate new sources of revenue through differentiated wireless data services.

-- Messaging -- OmniSky offers messaging services that include

corporate and personal email, instant messaging, text messaging and interoperability with third-party messaging platforms. In support of those efforts, OmniSky launched one of its proprietary corporate email solutions, OS CorporateLink, at the end of the first quarter of 2001. OS CorporateLink enables individuals and enterprises to obtain seamless and secure access to email residing behind the corporate firewall.

-- Content Delivery -- OmniSky provides a broad range of content that has been optimized for viewing on the leading mobile devices. These applications include a customizable, dynamically updated mobile portal, enhanced Web browsing, content management services and OmniSky's proprietary OneTap technology that streamlines the exchange of data between device applications and the Internet.

-- Location-based Services -- OmniSky's ground-breaking location-based services combine real-time and stored location-specific content. These applications enable users to access local merchants, conduct e-commerce, and obtain online restaurant information, movie guides, real-time directory services, and interactive maps as a function of their location.

OmniSky will also provide a wide range of professional services to Verizon in support of this agreement including IT integration services, customer support and marketing services.

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