vVault's Remote File Access Pioneers Real-Time Mobile Productivity

Mobile Platform Provider First To Fully Integrate Mobile Email With Remote File Systems

vVault, a leading developer of platform technology for mobile productivity applications, today announced the release of its new remote file access functionality, a major advancement in mobile information access, and significant enhancement to the vVault Platform.

vVault's remote access feature enables mobile professionals to access critical files residing on their local PCs -- either at the office or at home -- in real time, using wireless devices or the Web. Combined with other features of the vVault Platform, users can now view native files wherever they are stored and attach them to outbound email, or print them to fax machines wirelessly -- all in a single session.

Market research firm IDC observed earlier this year that mobile enterprise applications focused on information access would be in the spotlight by the fall of 2001. "We believe that the value proposition of mobile Internet is in giving users the ability to pull information on demand," stated Kevin Burden, Program Manager of IDC's Smart Handheld Devices group. "In this vein, services such as vVault's remote access can be valuable in business applications, where access to centrally or locally stored data is of critical importance to salespeople, technicians, and other mobile and remote workers."

The company's remote access technology is also designed to complement messaging applications such as mobile email. "To date, wireless productivity tools, including access to email, have failed to address the entire business process for end users," noted vVault CEO Will Aldrich. "For example, today's wireless email does not support attachment viewing, or the ability to attach files from remote file systems. vVault is the first in the market to integrate and complete these key experiences in a fully functional way."

The new remote access functionality, in conjunction with other features of the vVault platform, allows mobile professionals to work by WAP phone, pager, or PDA to achieve the following:

-- Access and view the most up-to-date files residing on corporate networks or home PCs, wirelessly or over the Web;

-- Print business documents to any fax machine worldwide from their handheld device;

-- View email attachments wirelessly and save those documents to local PCs and networks; and

-- Add attachments from remote storage while composing email, increasing responsiveness.

Key innovations of vVault's remote access solution include its real-time capabilities, eliminating the need for users to upload files to the Web or synch files in anticipation of needing them later. In addition, vVault's remote access technology requires only that users run a small software client on their remote PCs and maintain an "always-on" Internet connection. This avoids the need for expensive server hardware or other IT resources, making it ideal for individual business users and small to medium enterprises.

"vVault's mission is to give business users maximum access to critical business documents and, at the same time, to arm them with the ability to take immediate action in a mobile context," explains Bill Ho, founder and CTO of vVault. "Our new remote file access functionality -- in combination with vVault's existing communications features -- enhances today's wireless Internet and data services such as email, to benefit business users in a range of industries." vVault's users are employed in a number of sectors including sales, financial services, health, and consulting.

"The ability to access files remotely via the vVault interface is of great use to me," states investment analyst Joon Yun, an avid vVault remote access user. "It lets me access a file on a time sensitive deal rather than phoning into my assistant and requiring that they access my PC to email the necessary files. vVault Remote Access eliminates steps in my business process, saves me time, and increases the hope of a faster close on the issue at hand."

Remote file system access functionality is an enhancement to vVault's Mobile and Wireless Access Module, the cornerstone of the vVault Platform. As with other features of the vVault Platform, remote access is designed to meet the scalability and integration requirements of world-class carriers, enterprises, and other distribution partners.

Practical Details

vVault's remote access functionality will be available on August 31st at www.vVault.com as part of the vVault Anywhere for Mobile Professionals service. In the meantime, users may pre-register for the remote access client software on the site's "Try vVault" page.

In addition to software clients for home and work PCs, the vVault Anywhere service includes inbound and outbound domestic faxing, email and attachment viewing, online storage, and file sharing. The vVault Anywhere service will be available for a free, 90-day trial to new users. At the end of the trial period, the service will be available for $69.95 per year on a promotional basis, increasing to $99.95 annually thereafter.

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