WideRay and Palm Provide Wireless Technology Solutions For Convent of the Sacred Heart High School: Freshman Young Women Go High Tech for Back-to-School

WideRay and Convent of the Sacred Heart (CSH) High School, working with Palm, Inc., will demonstrate how the all female freshman class is using WideRay's Jack(TM) and its educational and interactive applications. WideRay's Jack is a new hardware device that beams on-location, on-demand content and applications to handheld devices such as those made by Palm, Inc. CSH Head of School, Doug Grant, WideRay CEO, Saul Kato, and a Palm spokesperson along with CSH freshman class members, will be on-hand for this announcement and live demonstration. Attendees will learn how students and faculty will be able to access and author school policies, syllabi, class rosters, homework assignments, testing calendars, activities, sports schedules and daily bulletins and other school related information; as well as personalize and interact with each other on any of the above.

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