Wireless Networks Picks NetSilicon to Connect Wireless Bluetooth Devices to LANs

-- NetSilicon's NET+Works(TM) "Solution-on-Chip" Allows Bluetooth(TM)-Enabled Equipment to Access Local Area Networks --

Facilitating the next wave of mobile communications, NetSilicon, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSIL), the leading provider of integrated hardware and software for intelligent, networked devices, and Wireless Networks Inc., an innovative company that designs, develops, markets, and supports a family of voice and data wireless communication products based on Bluetooth wireless technology, today announced that NetSilicon's NET+Works device networking platform is providing the connectivity for Wireless Networks' BlueLAN(TM) access point, which allows wireless Bluetooth devices to access Local Area Networks (LANs). BlueLAN enables mobile computer or mobile phone users to connect their devices to the enterprise, SOHO, and public "hotspot" markets, such as airports and convention centers, via the Bluetooth wireless protocol.

"With Wireless Networks' innovative BlueLAN product, mobile phone and computer users have wireless voice and data connectivity at their fingertips - literally," said Cornelius "Pete" Peterson, chairman and CEO, NetSilicon. "By building NetSilicon's fully tested and production-ready networked microprocessor into BlueLAN, Wireless Networks' design engineers could leverage NetSilicon's tightly coupled processing hardware and networking software and get their product to market quickly, rather than buy discrete components from separate vendors and attempt to learn network integration on their own."

Wireless Networks' BlueLAN is a LAN access point that allows multiple Bluetooth devices to access a local network through the BlueLAN's Ethernet port. This new technology allows Bluetooth-enabled mobile users to send and receive emails, surf the Web, and access other LAN and WAN resources. In addition, the company is designing DHCP, Authentication, Network Address translation and a PPP server into the LAN access point. Wireless Networks deployed NetSilicon's complete open source connectivity solution that runs uClinux, a form of the embedded Linux operating system, on the NetSilicon hardware platform.

NetSilicon's NET+Works product family is a fully integrated, tested, and production-ready embedded platform comprised of complete hardware, software, real-time operating system (RTOS), network protocols and servers, application programming interfaces (APIs), drivers, and utilities - fully supported and royalty-free. By elevating the traditional hardware-only system-on-silicon approach to a tightly coupled "solution-on-chip," NetSilicon is able to give OEMs an out-of-box solution that allows design engineers to increase focus on product design and meet time-to-market demands. NET+Works is used in a variety of applications, such as Internet telephony, building access and control, wireless base stations, retail point-of-sale, office appliances, and handheld computing.

Hany Shenouda, president and CEO of Wireless Networks Inc., explained the reason for choosing NetSilicon's integrated hardware and software embedded platform by stating that, "The NET+Works complete device networking solution allowed Wireless Networks to reduce design risks and lower program costs." Mr. Shenouda continued, "NET+Works was an ideal platform that allowed development time to be reduced by providing the hardware, software, and development tools in a finished form box. Our engineers were allowed to focus on our unique application, having confidence in the underlying solution provided by NetSilicon."

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