The Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point (BLIP) from Ericsson is now available from Teleca!

Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point (BLIP) is a small base station with embedded Bluetooth wireless technology.

BLIP C11 is the first product in a portfolio of BLIPs. Within a radius of ten meters, BLIP C11 can communicate with the mobile phones or Bluetooth-enabled palmtop computers of passers-by. When passing by you can access anything the owner of the blip C11 wants to provide you with. Anything from pure Internet access to special offers in shops to a restaurant lunch menu.

Teleca took part in the development of the hardware and software platform, as well as the application, which is based on the Linux operating system and has an open source code, enabling further application development by 3rd parties.

We are now continuing our work both by selling, distributing and having technical support on the BLIP. You can order the BLIP on our site for only 499 USD, visit the - to order, or to get more information!

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