Expanded SMS Service Bureau Will Offer Leading Edge Solutions

Numerex Corp. (NASDAQ:NMRX) and CMG Wireless Data Solutions, today announced that CMG's Short Message Service Center (SMSC) will be used to support the expanding growth of Numerex' Data1Source* Short Message Service (SMS) service bureau. The CMG Wireless Data Solutions multi-stack SMSC facilitates Numerex to offer a wide range of SMS valued-added services and provides a platform with high availability and superior performance amidst the growing demand for SMS.

For the past 7 years, CMG Wireless Data Solutions has consistently been able to deliver capacity ahead of the explosive growth that is indicative of the high-end SMSC market. Recently, CMG Wireless Data Solutions expanded the capacity of a single system to 2,500 short messages per second, a figure that is estimated at least twice the industry average. This provides Numerex with the ability to meet the increase in SMS traffic with a robust and leading edge solutions platform.

Already serving many wireless operators in North America, Data1Source proprietary and patent pending technology can provide TDMA, CDMA and GSM wireless carriers with a broad range of services including Web-based and e-mail-based text messaging, two-way messaging, SMS Touch-Tone(tm) paging, subscriber-customized Internet content, and over-the-air digital handset programming. Data1Source SMS functionality is available to wireless carriers without a large capital outlay for additional hardware. "We are pleased that Numerex, the leading SMS service bureau provider in North America, has selected CMG's Short Message Service Center," said Erik de Bueger, vice president, sales and marketing, North America for CMG Wireless Data Solutions. "In using CMG Wireless Data Solutions' Short Message Service Center, Numerex is providing its customers with highly-scalable, cutting-edge technology that has proven success functioning in technically diverse markets worldwide." "Our customers have come to expect the highest quality level of service, so we needed a world-class partner for our SMS services. CMG was it," explained Greg Hull, VP of Wireless Internet Solutions for Numerex.

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