Mobic News July 2001
Sierra Wireless and Infowave Team to Offer Bundled Wireless Data Solution, July 31

Fujitsu's New Fractional-N PLLs Provide Low Noise, Fast Lock-up Time for Wireless Mobile Communications Applications, July 31

Extended Systems Adds Personal Area Network -PAN- Profile Support to Bluetooth Software for Handheld Devices, July 30

SFR (France) chooses Nokia as one of the main suppliers of its 3G network, July 30

Perle Enables Levy Home Entertainment to Connect Over Wireless IP, July 30

Diversinet Provides PKI Technology For Blackberry Handhelds, July 27

iDial Networks Strengthens Wireless Service Offerings, July 27

Who will win? IPaq vs. Palm, July 27

HP, Telefonica Moviles, Ericsson Espana and Generalitat of Catalonia -- Spain -- Create Joint Venture to Develop Mobile e-Services and Products, July 27

Novatel Wireless Launches Minstrel m500 for Palm m500 Series Handhelds, July 27

Insignia's Jeode Technology Set to Ship With New 'SuperPDA' From ViewSonic, July 27

Magticom Completes First GPRS Call in Georgia Using Motorola, Cisco End-to-End Solutions, July 27

Jabber and Antepo Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Instant Messaging and Presence to Wireless Carriers, July 27

Wireless Generation Showcases Handheld Assessment Software in Senate Hearing on Education Technology, July 26

Alice Systems signs agreement with Western Wireless International, July 26

Trillium First to Offer Wireless CAP Software Enabling Enhanced Services for Roaming Mobile Subscribers, July 25

ThinAirApps and GoAmerica Extend Corporate Data to Wireless Handhelds, July 25

Socket to Provide Bluetooth Support for Microsoft's Windows CE 3.0, July 25

Motorola announces Alliance with Palm, Inc, July 25, July 25

Collaboration Between Silicon Wave and Digianswer Software From Motorola to Deliver Bluetooth Solution, July 25

Motorola and ALLTEL Deliver Powerful Business Communications Tool in New Timeport 270c Wireless Phone, July 25

Mountain View Firm, Airify Communications, Inc., Announces Mobile Computing Breakthrough, July 24

Socket's Complete Bluetooth Product Qualified, July 24

Intermec's Popular 5020 Family of Handheld Computers Now Shipping with Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 and SQL Server CE, July 24

Everypath Introduces Its Latest Version of Mobile Enterprise Software, July 23

Pocket Technologies, Inc. Announces PocketStudio for Palm OS, July 23

Intersil's PRISM 2.5 WLAN Chip Set Provides Wireless Link for Actiontec's Mini PCI 802.11b/Modem Combo Card, July 23

Seiko Instruments and VoyaWare Partnership Brings to Market Microsoft Windows CE Based Mobile Management Solution for Direct Sales Professionals, July 20

Semotus Deploys Field Service Automation System At Pepsi Cola, July 20

Openwave and Symbian Join SyncML Initiative as Sponsors to Further Boost Universal Data Synchronization, July 19

IntraNet Solutions and Mobile Computing Technologies to Bring Content Viewing Technology to Tao Wireless Device, July 19

PPT 2800 Series Portable Pen Terminal, July 19

Nokia to supply 3G system to Italian operator Omnitel Vodafone, July 19

OmniSky Receives Provisional Patents for Location-Based Wireless Applications, July 18

PatientKeeper and Bachmann Software Join Forces to Provide Physicians With a Low Cost Wireless Handheld Printing Solution, July 18

Wireless LANs -WLANs- Gaining Acceptance, July 18

Socket Now Shipping Bluetooth Evaluation Kit for Embedded System Developers, July 18

Stratabase CRM Software to Support Massive Handheld Device Market, July 18

Motorola and AT&T Wireless First to Deliver GPRS Phone and Service to U.S. Customers, July 18

Red-M Boosts Productivity At Flextronics, World Leading Electronic Manufacturer Installs Red-M Bluetooth Network, July 18

Project Arena Debuts Mobile Solution, July 18

A Unique Speed-to-Market Globalization Tool for Palm Application Developers MULTILIZER(r) 5.0 for Globalizing Palm OS Software Now Shipping, July 17

Stet hellas acquires umts license, July 17

Japan’s mti to become packetvideo’s first wireless rich media publisher, July 17

Genie UK integrates MotionBridge to simplify WAP navigation, July 17

Riot Entertainment Secures Exclusive Wireless Interactive Game Rights to New Line Cinema’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Film Trilogy , July 17

Packetvideo debuts global developer network to spur development of rich media applications for wireless networks, July 17

iScribe Surpasses 1 Million Prescription Mark With Handheld Electronic Prescribing System, July 16

Wildcard Wireless Announces Development Agreement Valued At CDN $1.6 Million With C Technologies AB For Mobile Check Solution, July 16

Actiontec Now Shipping Industry's First Mini PCI Wireless LAN/Modem Combination Card, July 16

Pencel Announces Free Run-Time Solutions Aimed at Reducing IT Expenditures on Wireless Computing by Mobile Workers, July 13

Nokia and Sonera to pilot Multimedia Messaging in the live network, July 13

InSite Group Order Entry Suite Streamlines Selling, July 12

Electric Pocket Releases BugMe! Messenger 2.0, July 12

BroadVision-powered State of California Portal Delivers Personalized Alerts to Wireless Devices, July 12 and Wysdom Announce Multi-Country, Multi-Carrier Mobile Portal Deal, July 12

Experior Selects MDeverywhere as Mobile Computing Solution for Doctors, July 12

Cingular Wireless and Google to Provide Mobile Access to More Than 1.3 Billion Web Pages, July 12

Ericsson and EDS sign major agreement to deliver mobile solutions for enterprises, July 12

Jeep Liberty Drives Wireless Advertising With AvantGo Service, July 11

ThinAirApps and AppForge Introduce Breakthrough Wireless Application Development Solution for Visual Basic Programmers, July 11

Seiko Instruments Austin Introduces `Leave-It-On' Mini-Keyboard for Palm and Visor Handheld Devices, July 11

Magically Teams With Pumatech to Offer Synchronization for Online Group Scheduling, July 11

Dynamic Mobile Data and InterGis Announce Availability of Wireless, Dynamic Routing and Scheduling, July 10

CA World Visitors To See Wireless Management For CA Unicenter Demonstrations By Aether Systems, July 10

OmniSky Wins MobileFocus 2001 Award for Best Mobile Service, July 10

Garmin and Pumatech Team Up to Provide Intellisync Software For Global Positioning System `GPS' Devices, July 10

Nokia chosen as sole supplier for complete 3G network to VIAG Interkom in Germany, July 10

JAMDAT Mobile today launched its latest cell phone game, Home Run Derby, July 10

Motorola and Visto to Extend Personal Information Management to Java(TM) Technology-Enabled Handsets, July 10

OpenMobile delivers the latest mobile applications to M1, July 10

Genie and Nokia to collaborate in delivering new mobile games to Genie customers, July 5

Ubi Soft and LudiGames Bring A New Generation of Games to Palm OS and Pocket PCs Worldwide, July 4

Wipro Technologies Announces Bluetooth Product Qualification, July 4

Microcell Solutions and Novatel Wireless Sign Agreement for New-Generation Mobile Data Solution, July 4

webplan Helps Handspring Fill Customer Orders More Accurately, Quickly and Cost-Effectively, July 4

Stanford Resources Forecasts Global Market for Mobile Display Systems to Top $316 Billion in 2007, July 4

Wireless Links Selects DiskOnChip as the Local Data Storage Solution in Its Hand-Held Mobile Data Terminals, July 4

Siemens ICM group in Italy Selects HDL Designer Series for Next-Generation Mobile Application Development, July 4

BroadCloud's New SURE connect Platform for Pocket PCs Brings Reliability, Speed and Greater Capacity for Wireless Computing, July 4

Stet hellas launches full commercial gprs services introduces volume based charging, July 4

Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Siemens launch the Mobile Games Interoperability Forum, July 4

Motorola Brings 2-Way Messaging to MTV'S ''Real World'', July 4

Starfish Gains Two More SyncML Conformance Awards, July 3

ATX Technologies Implements Portal Software's Infranet to Support Leading-Edge Location-Based Mobile Services, July 3

Lycos Europe's Fireball Heats Up the Wireless Web With 2Roam, July 3

Secure wireless LAN connectivity for the office, July 3

Heineken launches wireless promotion in hong kong, July 3

IntelliGolf Tournament Software for Palm Handhelds Introduced, July 3

Motorola Expands Its FRS Offering With Two New Series -- the Talkabout T5000 Series and the Talkabout T6200 Series, July 3

Motorola Ships One Millionth Talkabout T900 2-Way Text Messaging Device, July 3

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