Accelent Systems Announces Support for Microsoft Windows CE .NET

January 8, 2001

Integrated Development Platform (IDP) for Windows CE .NET-Based Application and Product Development Available for Shipment

Accelent Systems Inc., a leading enabler of embedded devices and Gold-level member of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Embedded Partner Program, today announced that it will provide system software, development platforms and integration services for customers using Windows CE .NET, Microsoft's latest embedded operating system for the next generation of smart mobile devices.

By providing a Windows CE .NET-based solution, Accelent builds upon its expertise in Microsoft technologies to provide its customers with the leading software and services to enable their Internet appliance designs.

Accelent, building upon its successful Windows CE 3.0 and Intel StrongARM-based Integrated Development Platform (IDP), is now offering a Windows CE .NET and StrongARM version (IDP-CE4-SA). The Windows CE .NET version will sell for $2,995 and is available for immediate shipment. For those wanting to develop devices using Intel's XScale microarchitecture, a Windows CE .NET and XScale-based IDP will be available at XScale introduction, planned later this year.

"We are entering a new age in computing by extending PC functionality to a wide variety of advanced embedded devices, including PDA's and web pads. Microsoft has recognized that this is the future of computing and has been proactive in developing the technologies to make the future a reality, as witnessed by the release of Windows CE .NET," said Dr. Yung-Fu Chang, President and CEO of Accelent Systems. "As a Gold-level member of the WEP Program, we have worked very closely with Microsoft to expand our product and service offering to include Windows CE .NET. As a result, we provide a total solution for the developer community by providing the software and tools they need enable next generation devices. In fact, we have a number of large consumer marketers developing their products using our Windows CE .NET-based technologies today."

"As the demand for mobile and rich Internet appliances increases, application developers are looking for reliable and fast development solutions," said Keith White, senior director of marketing for the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. "By supporting the rich functionality of Windows CE .NET in their offering of system software, development platforms and integration services, Accelent provides a rapid and cost-effective solution for those tier 1 and ODM customers developing the devices of tomorrow."

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