Avesair MATCHes Mobile Marketing with Profilium's Geo-Profiling Platform

January 15, 2002

Partnership Takes Location-based Marketing to a New Level

Much of the talk about location-based mobile marketing has focused on the concept of instant gratification, but two companies are making a bid to redefine the long term promise of location-based targeting.

Avesair Inc. and Profilium Inc. have teamed to allow mobile operators and marketers to combine the benefits of Avesair's mobile marketing and commerce platform, Avesair MATCH, with the Profilium Geo-Profiling platform to develop relevant mobile marketing communications tailored to interests and behavioral patterns of consumers over time.

Avesair MATCH (Messaging and Targeting for Carriers and Handsets) is a platform for managing mobile marketing and commerce campaigns based on subscriber interests, thereby enhancing relationships between operators, marketers and subscribers. Profilium's Geo-Profiling Platform provides marketers and efficient and cost-effective mechanism to reach mobile subscribers with relevant time and location-specific messages, on an opt-in basis. The platform enables a range of predictive "push" services, based on dynamic triggers such as time, location, habits and user preferences - all done using an advanced level of user privacy protection. By basing targeting on evolving behavior, the combined technologies allow operators and marketing to obtain a complete view of an individual subscriber. Operators and marketers can then send the most targeted message to each individual, maximizing the benefit and relevancy to the subscriber.

Partnership Takes Location-based Targeting a Step Further

Traditionally, location-based mobile marketing has been perceived as a medium for instantaneous gratification, such as the well-known example of a person walking by a coffee shop who receives an ad for $.50 off a cappuccino. This assumes, however, that the person wants a cup of coffee at that time. Avesair and Profilium are taking the concept of location-based targeting and making it more effective by focusing on longer-term marketing success. For example, a person who continually walks by the coffee shop on the way to work may receive a coupon from that shop for a free pastry that they may use over the next two weeks, as opposed to right away.

"We believe that most location-targeted mobile ads are not going to be of the instantaneous, 'where are you right now' type," said Kimo Kong, chief operating officer, Avesair. "Instead, we are going to see location-based targeting derived from users' behavioral patterns over a period of time. Marketers and operators have to realize that a person's need is not driven by where they are, but whether or not they want the product that is being offered to them at a particular time. Together, Avesair and Profilium are expanding what marketers and operators can do with location-based marketing, improving the success of campaigns and developing long-lasting customer relationships."

Aaron deMello, CEO of Profilium, agrees and feels that the two companies complement each other very well. "As the market for advanced data services matures, it becomes clear to progressive players like Avesair and Profilium that our businesses and technologies are more complimentary than ever," said deMello, CEO. "Our cooperation in this space will create the most comprehensive profile-based location targeting solution available, positioning carriers to leverage their greatest asset: their subscriber base."

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