Belkin Offers PDA/Handheld Enthusiasts Three Ways To Power Up

Belkin Introduces Its USB Power Sync Travel Kit

January 11, 2002 

Belkin, the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals and accessories, today introduced its Universal Serial Bus (USB) Power Sync Travel Kit for Palm m500 and m505 (F8P3001) Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Compaq iPAQ H3100, H3600, H3700 series handhelds (F8Q1001), and Hewlett Packard Jornada 520, 540, and 560 series handhelds (F8H1001).  Each will have an ESP of $49.99 and will begin shipping in North America on February 8, 2002.

The Belkin USB Power Sync Travel Kit provides the most flexible and complete charging solution for a userís PDA or handheld.  It is designed to provide unlimited power whenever and wherever the user is.  At the heart of this solution is the Belkin USB Sync/Charge cable.  This cable allows the user to synchronize their PDA or handheld with their personal computer while charging from the same powered USB port. Users can instantly convert it into an automobile charger with the Belkin USB cigarette lighter adapter.

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