CBCom Awarded Mobile Access Number and Begins Mobile Value-Added Services

January 17, 2002

CBCom Inc. (OTCBB:CBCI) today announced that its strategic partner in the People's Republic of China (PRC), Beijing Chinet Information Technology Co. Ltd. (Chinet), has been awarded the special access mobile telephone number 9577 to provide access for its enhanced mobile Small Message System (SMS) services.

As part of CBCom's plan to add value-added services to its ISP operations, Chinet has been in development of an enhanced SMS server system. This system is capable of managing SMS messaging, gaming, chat, and feature down-loading to be available to all of China's mobile subscribers (China now has the largest population of mobile users in the world, with approximately 140 million subscribers). While other systems have been in existence, the newly developed software by Chinet is compatible with a greater selection of mobile phones, more than any other system currently available.

The special 9577 phone number will allow these services that were only available via computer connection to the Internet to be accessed directly through a mobile call. By dialing the 9577 number it will connect the user to the services from any location where the enhanced SMS messaging functions will be available.

The server software is currently being Beta tested by Chinet and qualified (to meet certain systems qualifications) by China Mobile, one of China's two mobile carriers, testing to be completed within two weeks. Full deployment of the server system is expected to be completed within the next two months. Once operational, a percentage of the fees collected by the mobile carriers for the SMS service usage will be paid to Chinet.

CBCom's CEO Max Sun stated, "This is an important step in realizing our goals to reach into other areas of Internet access. We believe the wireless market will have the same amount of users as the broadband and narrow band (dial-up) methods. We are now positioned to receive early mobile revenues without the necessity to build a costly wireless infrastructure."

Key alliances have been reached among the largest companies in China to provide cooperative marketing and promotion of the services. This mobile service will soon be partnered with the existing ISP services to provide a total mobile/Internet solution. This is expected to enhance customer loyalty and to boost ISP and SMS revenues.

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