Cutting Edge Software and Corsoft Team to Open Wireless E-mail Attachments on Palm Powered Handhelds

January 15, 2002

Companies Offer E-mail Solutions for Both Consumers and Large-Scale Corporate Deployments

Cutting Edge Software and Corsoft Corporation are pleased to announce that Cutting Edge Software's Quickoffice(TM) productivity suite for Palm Powered(TM) handheld computers is now supported by Corsoft's Aileron(TM) wireless e-mail application. With the integration between Quickoffice and Aileron, users of Palm OS(R) handhelds will now have a simple means of receiving spreadsheet and document attachments via e-mail.

One of the key challenges faced by companies deploying Palm OS handhelds among employees is the conversion of files from MS Excel, the industry standard spreadsheet for desktop PCs, to Quicksheet, the leading spreadsheet application for Palm Powered devices. The integration of Quickoffice and Aileron provides a comprehensive solution to this challenge. Users of Microsoft Excel(TM) on the desktop will be able to e-mail Excel attachments to Palm users with Quicksheet installed -- and the files will seamlessly convert to Quicksheet format on demand as users manage e-mail and attachments wirelessly. Once received by the Palm OS handheld users, the attachments can be viewed and edited fully. Similar capabilities are also incorporated for conversion of Microsoft Word(TM) files to the Quickword format.

"We are pleased to be working with Corsoft to bring still greater functionality and ease of use to mobile professionals," said Michael Compeau, Cutting Edge Software's vice president of business development and planning. "E-mail access is critical for today's mobile knowledge workers, and Corsoft Aileron makes opening the most common attachments seamless and fast, especially when used with Quickoffice."

"We are pleased to provide greater flexibility and extended value to mobile professionals," said Chirag Patel, president of Corsoft Corporation. "Cutting Edge Software's Quickoffice integration with Aileron enables users to maximize their productivity with their business documents even when they are away."

Cutting Edge and Corsoft are offering solutions aimed at both individual users and enterprise deployments of Palm OS handhelds. Individuals can subscribe to Corsoft's e-mail service starting at $30 per year and automatically receive the benefits of being able to receive Excel and Word attachments as Quicksheet and Quickword documents on their Palm OS handhelds. Corporations can install an enterprise-edition of Aileron Server on their corporate network to enjoy end-to-end security of the information being transmitted via the handheld devices. Corsoft Aileron Enterprise Server starts at $2,495 and includes a five-user Client Access License. Additional licenses are available at $495 for a 10-set license pack.

Availability and Distribution

As part of the co-marketing agreement between Cutting Edge Software and Corsoft, the firms will each provide information and access to trial versions of both applications at their respective Web sites. Quickoffice is available for purchase online at Cutting Edge Software's Web site (, as well as from leading online and retail locations including and CompUSA for $39.95.

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