cyberPIXIE, Inc. Unveils New Software Tool

cyberPIXIE Install Wizard Dramatically Simplifies Deployment of IEEE 802.11b LAN Solutions

January 15, 2002

cyberPIXIE, Inc. today announced the commercial availability of its Install Wizard, an advanced software tool designed to make it significantly faster and easier to deploy wireless local area networks (WLANs).

The Install Wizard software (patent-pending) has been optimized for maximum ease of use, simplifying the installation of WLAN PC cards on end-users' laptops and eliminating the common complexities of deploying and configuring wireless devices. The installation and configuration process is fully automated, requiring no user intervention.

How it Works

As soon as the Install Wizard CD is inserted, the software automatically opens and on-screen instructions direct the user to insert the WLAN card into an open PCMCIA slot. The software loads the proper drivers and automatically configures the necessary parameters. In less than two minutes, the default Internet Browser, or other specified application, is launched automatically, connecting the user to network resources.

cyberPIXIE Install Wizard Key Features

- Seamless installation and configuration; Prior experience in computer configuration or hardware installation not required.

- Significantly faster than manual configuration by a skilled technician.

- Automatic configuration to pre-determined network name (SSID) and encryption key(s).

- Downloadable through a wired connection for local execution.

- Supports Cisco Aironet and Agere Orinoco (Lucent) cards under Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT. Can be modified to include cards from other vendors.

cyberPIXIE Install Wizard Users

The cyberPIXIE Install Wizard is the most effective and easy to use wireless LAN card installation solution available. Install Wizard users range from end-users who have never configured a computer to enterprise IT organizations deploying large scale WLANs. Public carriers and other service providers interested in offering subscriber-based wireless services or WLAN card rentals can also benefit from the cyberPIXIE solution, while minimizing customer support calls.

cyberPIXIE's technology has been successfully implemented in multiple locations including Swissotel Chicago, offering guests and meeting attendees high-speed, secure Internet and networking services. "Guests have found the Install Wizard extremely easy to use, enabling them to stay productive and connected while traveling," said Nicole Jachimiak, Manager of Marketing Communications at Swissotel Chicago. "All they need is their laptop and they are on the Internet in minutes."

Price and Availability

The cyberPIXIE Install Wizard is available through a per software license agreement or as a component of the cyberPIXIE Wireless Networking Suite solution. Install Wizard Package contents include installation software CD-ROM and WLAN PC card. Please contact cyberPIXIE for pricing information.

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