EPI Announces Debug Support for Microsoft Windows CE .NET Environments

January 8, 2002

EPI integrates the MAJIC(TM) Series intelligent debug probes with Microsoft(R) Platform Builder(TM) software suite

Embedded Performance, Inc. today announced that they have integrated the MAJIC(TM) Series, Multi-processor Advanced JTAG Interface Controllers into the Microsoft Platform Builder development environment for Windows CE .NET. EPI provides both a basic driver and a full plug-in to allow the MAJIC intelligent debug probes to work directly with the OS aware debuggers contained in the Platform Builder software package. This provides a non-intrusive, high performance, hardware assisted debug interface for engineers developing hardware platforms, board support packages (BSPs), and applications for Windows CE .NET.

"Engineers require powerful tools like the EPI MAJIC Series to help them debug their Windows CE .NET-based solutions quickly and easily," said Scott Horn, director of marketing for the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. "By using highly integrated XScale devices and ARM-based SoC devices, customers will now gain the control and real-time visibility normally associated with traditional in-circuit emulators and discrete microprocessors."

The MAJIC Series consists of three models called MAJIC, MAJICMX, and MAJICPLUS. Coupled with the Platform Builder driver, all models provide support for all the debug features of Platform Builder.

"Our support of Microsoft illustrates our commitment to provide world class debug capabilities to support the most popular embedded operating systems," said Norbert Laengrich, CEO. "We are delighted to be working with Microsoft to support the rapidly growing customer base for Windows Embedded. We believe that Windows CE .NET is a robust real-time OS for customers building the next generation of smart mobile devices." He further stated, "This is a long term EPI commitment to support the Windows Embedded market for ARM, Intel XScale, and MIPS architectures."

All models provide a non-intrusive high speed hardware interface for debugging application software and BSP firmware for ARM, Intel XScale, or MIPS based designs. When used with the Platform Builder plug-in, the models MAJICMX and MAJICPLUS provide real-time execution tracing for those processors containing standard on-chip trace facilities.

"We are excited to offer the MAJIC family as the first product to support real-time trace for SoC based Windows CE .NET-based applications. Platform Builder coupled with the MAJIC Series is an end-to-end tool set for rapidly building smart designs with rich applications," said Jackie Su, Product Marketing Manager for EPI.

The MAJIC probes connect to the host-based Platform Builder debugger using a 10/100based-T Ethernet or a high-speed serial port. When used in an Ethernet environment, it is ideal for remote operation and features fast downloading of code.

The probes' ability to support additional cores, different debug interfaces and new SoC devices eliminates the need to buy new emulators for each processor, thus reducing future project costs.

Other features of the MAJIC Series include a logic analyzer triggering interface, programmable JTAG clock speeds, support for adaptive clocking technology, and a large list of self test and hardware test capabilities.

The MAJIC Series has U.S. list prices ranging from $2,495.00 to $5,995.00. The driver for Platform Builder is a standard feature and the plug-in is an optional item. The units are currently in volume production and available from stock.

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