ESTeem Wireless Modems Awarded Contract from Nye County, Nevada

January 4, 2002

Electronic Systems Technology (EST), Inc. (OTCBB:ELST), announced they received a contract from Nye County, Nevada to provide an ESTeem Wireless Mobile Data Computer (MDC) System for the Nye County Sheriff's Department.

The ESTeem MDC System will provide the Nye County Sheriff's Department with an affordable mobile data network solution with encrypted digital messaging and real-time access to local and state databases, covering an area of approximately 1900 square miles. The ESTeem MDC System allows agencies to establish a private Radio Area Network (RAN), free of monthly subscriber networks service fees.

"EST is excited to work with Nye County to install Nevada's first ESTeem MDC System," states Robert Croft, EST MDC System Manager. "EST hopes this trend continues throughout Nevada State."

The foundation of the ESTeem MDC System is the ESTeem Model 192M wireless modem. The ESTeem Model 192M boasts a radio frequency (RF) data rate of 19,200 bps, twice as fast as current technology. The licensed narrow band, packet burst transceiver allows networking of 253 devices on a single 150 to 174 MHz public safety frequency using the industry standard RS-232 asynchronous, full duplex interface.

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