Hi-Tech, China's Largest PDA Manufacturer Chooses ON Semiconductor's Power Management Solution

January 17, 2002

NCP1410 Improves PDA Efficiency with Synchronous Rectifier and Low-Battery Detector

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 16, 2002--ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq:ONNN) today announced that it has been selected by Beijing Hi-Tech Wealth Company Limited (Hi-Tech), the largest Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) manufacturer in China, to provide the power-management devices for Hi-Tech's PDAs.

Hi-Tech is using ON Semiconductor's NCP1410, a monolithic micropower high-frequency step-up voltage switching converter IC specially designed for battery-operated, hand-held electronic products up to 250mA loading. It provides a more efficient power-management system to improve the battery life of Hi-Tech's PDAs as well as eliminating an external Schottky Diode.

The device's high switching frequency (up to 600 kHz) allows use of small-size inductor and capacitor. Low-battery detector, logic-controlled shutdown and cycle-by-cycle current limit provide value-added features for various applications of Hi-Tech's PDAs.

"We selected ON Semiconductor's DC-DC converter because it offers many high performance functions for our space-sensitive PDAs," said Ma Jianyang, vice manager of the Research & Development Department at Hi-Tech.

"With all the features of the NCP1410, the device quiescent supply current is only 9.0 microamps typical. ON Semiconductor's power management solution underscores Hi-Tech's commitment to provide our customers with versatile devices that are based on the best available technology."

"The Hi-Tech design win validates ON Semiconductor's leading position in the delivery of analog power-management semiconductors," said Laurent Jenck, ON Semiconductor analog marketing manager. "We look forward to seeing PDAs with our power management chip used by Hi-Tech's customers throughout China."

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