Intermec Introduces 5020 Industrial Handheld Computer Powered by Microsoft Windows CE .NET

January 8, 2002

-- Newest 5020 Incorporates Windows CE .NET Robust Wireless Security and Rich Device Management Features;

-- Intermec Member of Windows CE .NET Rapid Development Program;

-- Current 5020 Customers Can Field Upgrade OS Without Factory Service

Intermec Technologies Corp. today launched the newest version of its industrial 5020 handheld computer, now available with Microsoft Windows CE .NET.

Intermec introduced the Windows CE .NET-based 5020 at the Computer Electronics Show as part of Microsoft's launch of Windows CE .NET, the new operating system for building the next generation of smart, connected, mobile devices.

The Intermec 5020, which offers both Windows CE .NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition, is designed specifically for rugged, enterprise-wide duty. The 5020 family allows information collected on the "front line," from loading dock to warehouse, to be easily integrated into a company's IT infrastructure.

The Windows CE .NET-based 5020 is based on extensive consultation between technology teams from Microsoft and Intermec.

"With the release of the 5020 industrial handheld, Intermec is providing businesses with a durable wireless solution to enable employees to be more efficient in extreme environments," said Todd Warren, general manager for the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. "As a member of the Windows CE .NET Rapid Development Program, Intermec is among the first wave of companies taking advantage of the rich functionality in Windows CE .NET to deliver a smart, connected and secure handheld device that can seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures."

The 5020 combines Intermec's high-performance wireless LAN technology with the latest in handheld PC capabilities. It offers secure wireless communications and extensive device management capabilities.

"The wireless security features found in the 5020 with Windows CE .NET are extremely important to our end customers," said Intermec Principal Software Engineer Tom Scherger. "With Windows CE .NET, the Intermec 5020 handheld computer provides virtually the same security levels as desktop PCs."

Using the 5020's own Remote Manager capabilities and an upgrade CD, current 5020 customers can upgrade all their devices to Windows CE .NET on-site. "We have supported our customers since the release of the 5020 by providing an upgrade path that does not require returning units to Intermec," said 5020 Product Manager Jeff Hovorka. "This translates to a lower overall cost of ownership and demonstrates our continued commitment to both our customers and the powerful new capabilities Microsoft provides."

The 5020 lets IT professionals leverage their skills and knowledge from existing PC and networking environments, Hovorka said. "Windows CE .NET gives developers a familiar platform from which they can quickly build robust solutions," he said. "Unlike other Windows CE-based handheld devices, the 5020 Series is designed from the ground up for the specific requirements of enterprise data collection."

For example, the 5020 is Internet-ready for real-time data communication on any TCP/IP network, including a corporate intranet. For maximum uptime and efficiency, the 5020 can be remotely upgraded or serviced by any authorized IT personnel over the network using the standard Remote Unit Manager application. This eliminates the time and expense of most on-site service calls. As an intelligent computing device, the 5020 can function independently from its host in case of wireless network problems.

Intermec designed the 5020 for one-handed use for greater flexibility and mobility. Operation is as easy as pulling a trigger, so end users require less training to become productive with the system. The device also features Intermec's traditional rugged design to withstand a full range of environmental and operating conditions. Warehouse management, manufacturing execution and enterprise resource planning applications all benefit from the 5020's faster access to data, allowing for better, more accurate reporting and decision-making.

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