Jade Systems Partners With Fujitsu To Bring Highly Acclaimed Mobile Solutions To Clients

January 8, 2001

Jade Systems Corporation, a leading New York based IT Solutions Provider, has engaged in a strategic partnership with Fujitsu PC Corporation to bring their clients some of the most highly acclaimed, reliable and cost effective mobile solutions on the market today. Through this elite partnership, Jade's clients will receive exceptional pricing and product availability on the revolutionary Fujitsu LifeBooks and Pen Tablets.

Fujitsu PC has dedicated more than a decade developing innovative, feature-rich pen tablet solutions and is clearly the undisputed leader in this industry. Jade Systems is currently one of the select few Solution Providers in the NY Metropolitan area to partner with Fujitsu to provide this exceptional product line. The Pen Tablets combine advanced CPU architectures, industry standard operating systems, full desktop connectivity, and superior power management technology. All these features are delivered in some of the smallest, lightest form factors ever achieved for this class of products, truly maximizing the client's portable computing experience. "Jade is excited to partner with Fujitsu on the pen tablet solution. Fujitsu has brought to the pen tablet a new level of maturity that enables us to work with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as well as the financial community to implement tablets where the technology allows for true mobility and a breakdown of the barriers between service providers and their clients ", announced Debbi Milner, President and Co-CEO of Jade Systems.

Fujitsu's award winning line of LifeBook computers incorporates the latest technologies including a flexible bay in an ultra portable form factor, a security panel and Smart Card to ensure data integrity, touch screen capabilities to enhance data entry in mini-notebooks, and wireless mouse serviced for ease of use. The LifeBooks also feature customizable options to allow users to individualize their notebooks.

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