Kasten Chase Launches Assurency Portfolio of Secure Mobile Computing Solutions

January 18, 2002

Aimed At Mobile Workforce In Commercial And Government Markets

Kasten Chase (TSE - KCA), a leading provider of high-assurance data security systems, today announced the introduction of its Assurency(TM) portfolio of secure mobile computing solutions. The Assurency portfolio, targeted for mobile workers in both the commercial and government markets, addresses the growing recognition by enterprises of the need to incorporate into their security considerations the wide variety of mobile computing platforms used within organizations today.

The popularity of mobile computing appliances - laptops, palmtop computers, wireless pagers, PDAs, and cell phones with enhanced functionality - continues to grow dramatically, as does the variety of applications for these devices. Increasingly, organizations are empowering their mobile workforces with enterprise applications that store and transmit sensitive corporate data. In addition to the vulnerabilities presented by incorporating unsecured wireless communication into the enterprise, the compact nature of these devices increases the risk of loss or theft or damage due to the unauthorized release of information.

"We believe the value of our Assurency solutions is directly linked to the value of corporate data" stated Jim Davies, president and chief operating officer at Kasten Chase. "We further believe that organizations are becoming extremely concerned that valuable corporate data may be compromised while stored on, or transmitted from PDAs and other handhelds" continued Mr. Davies.

Kasten Chase's Assurency solutions ensure that an enterprise's most valuable asset - its information - remains secure by protecting its privacy, confidentiality, and integrity while it is stored on or exchanged between any and all computing platforms, whether wireless or PC-based.

"There is significant demand for solutions that secure the growing use of handheld devices, and Kasten Chase is meeting this demand with its Assurency portfolio" said Steven Ducat, senior vice president at Kasten Chase. "With our experience in providing high-assurance security solutions to the U.S. and Canadian governments, we are highly-qualified to provide the secure mobile solutions that enterprises are seeking. Our RASP Data Security portfolio provides us with an excellent foundation from which to launch today's wireless mobile data security initiative" he concluded.

The Assurency portfolio is a key component of Kasten Chase's strategy of enabling secure e-business applications for enterprise customers. This new product suite demonstrates the company's continuing commitment to become a single source for personal computing security needs and to engineer data security solutions that provide the highest level of assurance required by its customers. As the Assurency portfolio rolls out in the coming weeks, the company anticipates announcing new solutions for a wide variety of popular mobile computing appliances as they become available.

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