Motorola and Unite to Offer Broadest Mobile Commerce Solution For Retailers Worldwide

January 14, 2002

Donatos Pizzeria First to Leverage New Technology to Extend Brand, Increase Revenue and Improve Efficiency while Offering Consumers Fast, Easy Purchases On-the-Go Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) and today announced an alliance to create the most extensive m-commerce solution available -- making shopping a true anytime, anywhere proposition via a new, integrated desktop and wireless technology for retailers and their consumers worldwide. The companies are planning to bring retail restaurant chains currently using's online ordering services, as well as other retailers, into the m-commerce space. This would help more than 15,000 businesses go mobile by end of 2002, creating the largest mobile "food court" and wireless retail opportunity to date.

The enterprise-based solution enables chain retailers to extend their brand and increase their distribution and sales channels by offering consumers a quick, convenient method for making location- based purchases via a variety of web-enabled devices -- cell phones, PDAs or personal computers. Leveraging Motorola's wireless and "mobile shopping" expertise with's patented Retail Ordering System platform technology, the solution will help propel a variety of retail segments. It will also help grow the emerging mobile commerce space -- worth an estimated $65 billion in the U.S. and Europe combined, according to The Yankee Group.

Simple and easy to use, consumers set their preferences -- favorite items, pickup or delivery location, and payment methods - - online. The system "remembers" those preferences, enabling consumers who are on the go to make purchases with just a few clicks on a mobile device. When consumers purchase goods and services using this integrated solution verses a traditional voice call they will:

-- avoid busy signals and the delays of being placed on hold,

-- ensure better order accuracy, and

-- gain the ability to view a retailer's full menu or product/service offerings when purchasing online. For retail chain organizations, the solution creates an easy way to expand consumer reach, launch a new sales channel, improve efficiencies, and reduce labor costs associated with order taking. The Motorola and solution is designed to integrate into a variety of retail chain technology infrastructures, including point of sale and order fulfillment systems. Based on an open, robust and scalable architecture, the solution utilizes Oracle technology and Sun Microsystems' Java technology. It also includes's patented geo-location technology, ensuring that orders are routed to the appropriate store location for pickup or delivery.

The first retailer to use this new mobile shopping solution is Donatos Pizzeria. A subsidiary of McDonald's Corporation, Donatos plans to roll out the solution nationwide in mid-2002. Customers will be able to place an order for pickup or delivery virtually anytime, anywhere with little effort or interruption -- helping Donatos create a more differentiated presence in the growing $30 billion pizza industry.

"Motorola's alliance with further underscores our commitment to make mobile commerce a reality," said Janiece Webb, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Motorola's Internet Software and Content Group. "The wireless applications market is rapidly evolving. Solutions like mobile commerce provide businesses and network operators with a distinct edge, while giving consumers the capabilities they want and need in these hectic times. In today's world, convenience, speed and simplicity are at a premium, and the Motorola and solution delivers on all three."

"We see tremendous value in our relationship with Motorola," said Trevor Fagerskog, CEO, from "We have been the leader in offering online ordering solutions for retail establishments, primarily in the restaurant industry for over 5 years. With Motorola we can extend that expertise and experience into the wireless communications arena. And together, we can create solutions that not only address the needs of current customers, but extend beyond either industry, to bring new, secure and reliable offerings to consumers worldwide."

While initial installments of the solution will be deployed in the restaurant industry, the technology is available for a variety of other retail markets as well. "The potential for this solution is endless," added Motorola's Webb. "We see applications for multiple retail markets -- just about any space in which merchants want to amplify their ability to do business, simplify their offerings via the wireless Internet and personalize their customers' shopping experience."

Commercially available today in U.S. and international markets, the Motorola/ shopping solution can be used by any retailer and any consumer with an Internet-enabled device.

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