Motorola Takes Professional Two-Way Radio Technology to the Next Level

January 10, 2002

XTN(TM) Series Helps Businesses Work Smarter and More Efficiently The leader in two-way radio technology, Motorola, Inc., announced today its newest line: the XTN(TM) Series of professional two-way radios. With features of the future and the simplicity of the past, XTN Series professional two-way radios use new technology to provide quick and easy two-way communication that meets the demands of today's job sites.

The Motorola XTN Series of professional two-way radios provide a cost-effective, dependable solution for today's onsite business communication needs. The lightweight XTN Series allows one-to-one or group communication at the push of a button so users can track projects more efficiently and keep up with their workforce. There are no phone numbers to dial; no monthly fees or service contracts to sign; and there's little to no training needed for team members to get fully up-to-speed, eliminating downtime and confusion.

"The new XTN Series of radios can help businesses work smarter and faster," said Motorola marketing communications manager, Rafael Rivera. "Users can get the job done more efficiently, with instant and easy communication that allows quick response to daily workplace issues."

Designed for heavy-duty, everyday industrial use, these professional two-way radios are shock, drop, and temperature tested to meet Motorola's high standards. They are also designed to meet standards set by the military for durability and ruggedness, and pass European standards for weather and dust resistance.

Ready for the long haul, the XTN Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 hours, so it can handle extended shifts without recharging. XTN Series radios are designed for split-second cloning with quick set up to all the appropriate channel and code settings, giving you the ability to quickly add radios or pick up and move the whole fleet to a new location. To keep everyone on the same channel and code, the radios can also be set on tamper-proof manager lockout.

A newly-designed chip and acoustic cabinet provide clearer audio at higher volumes, and with the call tone function, users can be alerted of an incoming transmission even in those high ambient noise areas. Operating on frequencies reserved exclusively for business use, the XTN Series radios also have additional private line codes to help prevent interference from others on the same frequency. XTN Series professional two-way radios help keep the whole crew connected and feature a built-in, hands-free capability for communications when you don't have a free hand.

Built with improved selectivity, sensitivity and voice compression in the receiver, the radios have enhanced range capability. XTN Series radios are available in single channel, one and two-watt models; and multi channel two-watt models. The one-watt models provide a range up to five miles, 200,000 square feet or up to 10 floors (range will vary based on structure and conditions); and the two-watt models provide a range up to six miles, 250,000 square feet or up to 20 floors (range will vary based on structure and conditions).

Backed by a one-year, U.S. limited replacement warranty, Motorola XTN Series radios have a manufacturer's suggested retail price starting at $225.00. The XTN Series is compatible with all other Motorola Spirit professional two-way radios. In addition, a variety of accessories are available to further customize the XTN Series radios.

To locate the nearest retailer of Motorola XTN Series Professional Two-Way Radios, please call 1-800-448-6686 or access the Motorola professional two-way radio homepage at .

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