New Chinese-English Wireless PDA Relies On Wavecom

January 10

Wavecom's WISMO(TM) enables GST's innovative `e938' wireless PDA

Wavecom SA (Nasdaq:WVCM; Nouveau Marche:7306) today announced that GST's e938, one of the world's first English-Chinese wireless personal digital assistant (PDA), uses WISMO(TM) digital technology from Wavecom as its wireless "brain".

The lightweight e938 "mobile office" combines an advanced, bilingual PDA and mobile phone in a single device. It has been developed by GST, the Singapore mobile communications subsidiary of Group Sense (International) Limited (GSL), the worldwide market leader in handheld electronic dictionaries and translators.

The e938 is fitted with a WISMO module from Wavecom, a fully integrated device featuring full GSM/GPRS functionalities. The WISMO provides the e938 with voice capability as well as Internet, e-mail, fax and short messaging service connectivity, without having to connect through a standard wire line or mobile phone.

Mr. Jean-Charles Andreani, Managing Director of Wavecom Asia Pacific Limited, Hong Kong, said, "We are delighted that our expertise in wireless communications is enabling GST to bring this exciting and innovative product to market quickly. We see a huge market in Asia and beyond for Chinese and other bilingual wireless PDAs. We are extremely proud to play an integral part in the development of GST's business."

Mr. Samson Tam, Chairman of GSL and GST, added: "Wavecom is a key partner for GST as we begin to focus our business on Asian markets. The lightweight WISMO module fits e938 perfectly. WISMO technology has given us a time-to-market advantage for this new, elegant looking product that we see having great appeal to bilingual consumers who need to work, play and stay connected while on the move."

The compact e938 measures 135 x 75 x 20.9mm and weighs just 170 grams. Along with applications for mobile commerce, "m-information" and "m-entertainment" including games, the product features English and Chinese translators, dictionaries and handwriting inputs. Additional features include PC synchronization and infra-red data access. Other language combinations will be available in the next few months.

The e938 is available in China, Singapore and Hong Kong, and sells for the equivalent of approximately US$450.

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