PointBase Inc. Synchronization Technology Breaks New Ground in Enterprise Data Mobility

January 15, 2002

Beta Program for UniSync and UniSync for Micro 4.2 Yields Significant Advances for PointBase Server, PointBase Embedded and PointBase Micro Edition

PointBase(R), Inc., the leader in Java(TM) database technology for managing and synchronizing enterprise data among servers, mobile and pervasive computing devices, announced today outstanding results from their PointBase UniSync for Micro Beta program. A significant breakthrough in synchronization technology, UniSync for Micro provides seamless data synchronization between a diverse range of Java-enabled devices and complex heterogeneous enterprise data on the backend.

This newest PointBase product is built entirely in Java and offers a powerful way to universally synchronize data between devices supporting J2ME(TM) or J2SE(TM) and backend systems supporting J2EE(TM). Applications developed during the Beta program have ranged from supply chain management systems to rapid application deployment environments. The successful development of this wide variety of applications has confirmed the value of PointBase technology for moving critical enterprise data to the edge of the enterprise firewall and beyond.

"Our team has been working on UniSync for Micro for almost a year, and the results of the UniSync for Micro Beta have exceeded our, and our customers', expectations both in terms of applications developed, functionality and performance increases," said Stephen Jones, vice president of engineering at PointBase. "PointBase Micro allows local storage of data residing on smart devices, while PointBase UniSync for Micro enables data synchronization between smart devices and all of the major enterprise database servers."

A significant technology sacrifice for developers moving from J2SE to J2ME is the loss of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC(TM)) found in J2SE -- Java's API for connecting to relational databases. PointBase UniSync for Micro addresses this loss by providing a subset of JDBC and a database engine for devices supporting J2ME or J2SE. Developers now can rapidly create database-driven applications on all Java platforms using this familiar API.

"Solving the J2ME database connectivity dilemma is a significant achievement as enterprises do not always know on which Java platforms they will need to deploy applications," said Bruce Scott, CEO and president of PointBase, Inc. "PointBase UniSync for Micro extends the power of PointBase Micro by enabling synchronization of data between PointBase Micro on Java-enabled devices and enterprise databases on the backend. To our knowledge, PointBase Micro and PointBase UniSync for Micro offer the only 100% pure Java solution for data management and synchronization across all Java platforms."

PointBase Unisync for Micro Beta program participants were selected from different areas of the industry offering a variety of software platforms and application solutions in the data mobility market including Covigo and Crisp Wireless.

"A central feature of Covigo's recently announced Covigo Platform(TM) Version 3 is support for offline applications that allows developers to design device-resident applications with ready access to enterprise data and applications whether a mobile worker is working on or offline," said Stuart Bagshaw, CEO of Covigo, Inc. "By utilizing the PointBase Micro database and PointBase UniSync for Micro, Covigo is able to deliver the Java-based data and synchronization capabilities required for the Covigo Platform. Together with Covigo's patented multi-channel Presentation Server, developers are able to extend the reach of enterprise applications to include smart phones and PDAs in an "always on" mode even when the device is without a network connection."

"Mobile workers need information with them at all times, even if the network isn't available. There's a real need for solutions that support a 'disconnected, or occasionally connected' mode of operation," said Matt Curinga, chief technology officer of Crisp Wireless. "By embedding integrated database management and synchronization technology in mobile Java applications, PointBase is truly solving the connectivity dilemma. The PointBase Micro relational database persists data on the device, thus making enterprise data available for offline or disconnected access; and PointBase UniSync for Micro enables sharing and synchronizing of data between the enterprise and mobile devices." For more information about PointBase, Inc., visit www.pointbase.com.

For information on partner opportunities, contact Caroline Grossmann at 650/230-7274 or caroline.grossmann@pointbase.com.

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