TrustAsia Boosts Secure M-Commerce Capabilities in Asia

New Platform Secures Online Commerce Transactions Over Wireless Networks

January 2, 2002

TrustAsia, a leading provider of digital trust services and an Asian affiliate of VeriSign, Inc., announced today the latest upgrade to its Data Center platform, Version 3.5.

This new offering provides the highest level of security and unmatched flexibility for the company's wireless managed PKI services solution, allowing users to complete online transactions on their mobile devices.

"TrustAsia's latest advances in m-commerce technology allows merchants and enterprises to deliver the highest level of service and security to our customers anytime, anywhere," said Seth Jutan, Founder and CEO of TrustAsia. "Now, our existing clients as well as new customers seeking payment-enabled mobile services, can leverage TrustAsia's highly secure, utility-like infrastructure to process transactions seamlessly over mobile networks."

TrustAsia's Wireless Managed PKI service and PKI portal configuration enables on-site certificates to be issued to wireless servers. The PKI portal configuration also enables TrustAsia to issue certificates to end-users who conduct business from a handheld device. Additionally, TrustAsia provides customized end-user registration and interfaces with authentication databases.

"As the demand for mobile commerce capabilities increases, TrustAsia has become a leader in providing its customers with a highly sophisticated Internet security solution," said Jutan. "This new version of the Processing Center is a highly scalable and reliable Internet payment platform that connects into every major payment network, providing the ability to process a wide variety of payment types and broadening TrustAsia's scope of services to its customers."

Processing Center Version 3.5 features the following enhancements:

-- European Union Qualified Certificates - enhances the VeriSign cryptographic library, providing the capability to issue European Union Qualified Certificates;

-- Support for Onsite 4.6.1 and related products - supports Microsoft Windows 2000 and HP-UX110 hardware signing;

-- FIPS 140-1 Level 3 support through Chrysalis-ITS Luna CA3 Tokens - provides the most recognized level of high assurance for devices, including cryptographic tokens;

-- Authentication Service Bureau and Outsourced Aunthentication support - enables customers to outsource some or all of their certificate authentication and validation steps to the vendor.

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