V-ONE Corporation Expands FIPS 140-1 Validated Security Support for Microsoft Windows Pocket PC and Windows CE Wireless Devices

January 10

Patented Solution Secures Variety of Mobile Devices for Government and Commercial Users

V-ONE Corporation (Nasdaq:VONE), a leading Internet security technology company, announced it has added the Intermec and Symbol Technologies mobile computers and hand-held units to its growing list of supported Pocket PC and Windows(R) CE devices.

This technology features integrated wireless communication and laser bar code scanning capability.

This expanded support complements V-ONE's broad range of support for Pocket PC and Windows CE devices, such as Compaq iPAQ, Hewlett-Packard Jornada, Audiovox Maestro, NEC Mobile Pro, Toshiba e570, Casio E-200. In addition to Pocket PC and CE devices, V-ONE also supports Palm(TM), Win 32 laptops and two-way paging devices.

V-ONE's authentication for wireless devices is handled by its FIPS 140-1 validated token or, optionally, by other third party methods. Through this and other certifications, V-ONE has met the tough standards of the U.S. Government, enabling broad scale deployments in the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the FBI's Law Enforcement Online (LEO), as well as several branches of the military.

Wireless handheld devices are ideally suited to law enforcement, health care and industrial settings where professionals need to deliver sensitive information to users in the field. The combination of rugged design and V-ONE security helps them get the data where it's needed, securely.

"Today, many government and commercial customers are building mobile enterprise applications on Windows CE and Pocket PC devices using our ViaXML and CEfusion products as the critical remote data access layer. Yet, wireless and mobile security is a growing concern," said Mark Gentile, President & CEO of Odyssey Software. "We selected V-ONE because they were the only company providing a NIST certified encryption layer with FIPS token authentication for Windows CE and Pocket PC devices - meeting the stringent security requirements for government mobile wireless deployments."

Sparked by the phenomenal growth in the wireless area, V-ONE first provided VPN security to wireless users in 1998 through two-way pagers. Interactive pagers and Narrowband PCS (Personal Communications Service) networks are now being used for a wide variety of business applications such as accessing corporate email, generating stock transactions, or delivering time-critical patient information.

V-ONE technology provides highly secure access to mission critical applications and enterprises across a broad range of platforms and networks including wireless.

"Business professionals today expect immediate Internet access, any time, anywhere whether from landlines or over wireless networks. V-ONE gives its customers a next generation VPN solution that meets their most rigorous requirements," said Margaret Grayson, V-ONE president and CEO. "An important element of V-ONE's product development strategy is to continue delivering wireless solutions as this dynamic market emerges."

With V-ONE technology, organizations are able to securely share critical information and applications with employees, customers, and business partners via the Internet using mobile communication equipment.

V-ONE's SmartGate(R) server software, or SmartGuard(TM) security appliance, authenticates users, encrypts communication channels and provides flexible access controls for client-to-application security. The SmartPass(R) client software downloads in minutes enabling rapid deployment of most mobile devices. SmartPass can be installed on the smallest mobile device, with minimal impact on its performance.

SmartPass is also available through a Java applet allowing users to securely communicate through any standard browser.

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