Wi-Lan Receives $9 Million Order for Broadband Wireless W-OFDM Products From China's Wi-Comm United Communications

January 8, 2001

Wi-Comm Builds Demand for Wi-LAN's 3.5 GHz W-OFDM Products in China

Wi-LAN Inc. (TSE:WIN.), a global innovator of high-speed wireless data/Internet communications, today announced it has received a purchase order for over $9 million (US$5.9 million) of Wi-LAN's W-OFDM based BWS 3500 System in the 2002 calendar year from Wi-Comm United Communications (Wi-Comm), a key supplier of Wi-LAN products to the Chinese marketplace, headquartered in Beijing.

"We are just seeing the beginning of opportunities for the licensed 3.5 GHz band globally," said Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, Chairman, President and CEO, Wi-LAN Inc. "The Chinese marketplace is very lucrative and we look forward to working with Wi-Comm on developing opportunities further."

The purchase order is a commitment from Wi-Comm to purchase US$5.9 million of Wi-LAN's BWS 3500 system in the 2002 calendar year, in quarterly increments. Wi-Comm is subject to quarterly financial penalties payable to Wi-LAN, for any missed orders.

"Having Wi-LAN's products, expertise and patented technologies at our disposal gives us a significant advantage toward growing our successful business in China," said Lok Chow, President of Wi-Comm. "We have been working with various operators in China for the past months, using Wi-LAN's BWS 3500 System, and expect to be able to announce the results of our efforts soon."

W-OFDM technology, which is included in several existing and emerging international wireless communications standards, allows non line-of-site capability, and superior resistance to multipath, resulting in higher effective data transmission rates. Currently, the BWS 3500 system is the only OFDM-based wireless wide area network products commercially available and certified for use in China.

In 2001 the State Regulatory Radio Commission (SRRC), the Chinese government agency responsible for regulating spectrum allocation, certified Wi-LAN's AWE 120-24, AWE 120-58 and BWS 3500 products for use in China. With these certifications, Wi-LAN has a full product offering available for sale in China for the license-exempt 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands, as well as the 3.5 GHz licensed frequency.

Wi-LAN's BWS Series of Products

Wi-LAN's BWS Series includes access points and customer premises equipment (CPE), and can be used in broadband access applications alone or in combination with wired alternatives. The BWS Series also offers an eave-height integrated antenna and outdoor unit (ODU) that allows for quick and economical installation of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. Wi-LAN's broadband wireless access systems are powered by the company's patented W-OFDM technology, allowing for increased capacity, non line-of-site capability, and superior resistance to multipath, resulting in higher effective data transmission rates and a typical range of 15 kilometres.

Orders are being accepted for shipment today for Wi-LAN's BWS 3500. To place an order or for more information on the BWS Series, please call Wi-LAN at +1-403-273-9133, or email info@wi-lan.com.

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