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WirelessReady™ Alliance to Deliver Complete Wireless Data Solutions

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — December 15, 1998 — Today Sierra Wireless and its partners announced the
WirelessReady Alliance, a program uniting leading mobile computing hardware vendors, software developers and service
providers with a common vision: To accelerate the rate of mobile computing adoption through the delivery of complete and
compelling wireless data solutions.

"As Sierra Wireless grows within the wireless data industry, we see that complete, compelling solutions are key to accelerated
wireless adoption," said David Sutcliffe, Sierra Wireless president and CEO. "Partnerships are essential and through the
WirelessReady Alliance we strive to bring together the appropriate partners for these solutions. Add the program’s value-added
services and its broad view of wireless data technologies, and we have an exciting and strategically important program that will
impact the future of wireless data."

Members of the WirelessReady Alliance, each a leader in a particular market segment, bring specialized knowledge of their
markets to the Alliance. Alliance members include the following organizations:


Casio Inc.
Compaq Computer Corporation
Hewlett Packard Company
Itronix Corporation
Melard Technologies, Inc.
Sharp Electronics Corporation
Telxon Corporation
Sierra Wireless, Inc.


Cerulean Technology Inc.
Data Broadcasting Corporation
Mobile Data Solutions Inc.
MobileForce Technologies Inc.
Nettech Systems Inc.
Service Providers

AT&T Wireless Services
Bell Atlantic Mobile
Wireless Telecom, Inc.

Application Service Providers



Paradigm4 Inc.

"This Alliance demonstrates that the wireless data industry now shares a common vision to increase wireless data adoption and
expand wireless access," said Dennis Abremski, director of Business Development at WirelessKnowledge. "WirelessKnowledge
is committed to providing a complete wireless solution that allows professionals to securely access corporate groupware while
traveling, using a variety of wireless and mobile devices. Through strategic partnerships and alliances, like the WirelessReady
Alliance, WirelessKnowledge services and solutions will become a reality for the mobile professional."

To help members quickly deliver innovative customer solutions, the Alliance provides regular wireless data industry news and
updates through comprehensive, password-protected Web pages. Members also receive wireless-related sales, marketing,
technology, and product support by using the expertise found within the alliance’s member base. The alliance promotes
collaboration and strategic partnerships among members to help further the program’s solutions-driven mission.

"We are constantly seeking insightful information and partnerships that will assist Hewlett Packard in developing our wireless
strategy," said Mike Hegeman, wireless program manager at Hewlett Packard. "We recognize our customers’ mobility needs
and by joining the WirelessReady Alliance, we will gain valuable knowledge, form strategic partnerships to continue building our
wireless data solutions, and establish our position in the wireless data market."

Furthermore, members can, at their option, submit product prototypes for compatibility testing, leading to pre-launch design
validation and eventually "WirelessReady" certification. The result is that tested, proven and well-conceived solutions reach
customers earlier while vendors share the development investment, effort, and risk with other members participating in the
solution. Certification also means interoperability testing between existing products and leading-edge wireless data products and

"With the WirelessReady Alliance, Sierra Wireless has created the opportunity for hardware vendors like Sharp to easily
integrate wireless capabilities into the handheld computing environment," said Stephen Wain, associate vice president,
Corporate Sales Division, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "We understand that businesses are continually looking to gain a
competitive advantage, and this can come from a revolutionary wireless solution. Sierra Wireless’ initiatives will allow for the
rapid adoption of new and compelling business applications utilizing Sharp mobile computing products."

The WirelessReady Alliance membership and administration are the responsibility of Sierra Wireless.

About Sierra Wireless
Sierra Wireless is a leading, wireless data, communications equipment company. The leader in cellular packet data subscriber
products, Sierra Wireless delivers a broad range of products including PC Cards for portable computers, ruggedized
vehicle-mounted modems, OEM modules for embedded applications, telemetry modems and software tools and utilities. For
more information about Sierra Wireless’ product lines, visit the company’s Web site at or call (604)
231-1100 and ask for Sales Support.


To find out more about the WirelessReady™ Alliance, contact:
Kirstin Gulbransen, Program Manager
Phone: (604) 231-1100

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