Ericsson and Reuters start wireless delivery of Interactive News and Data by mobile phone

Ericsson and Reuters have launched a joint project for the delivery of financial markets news and data to the latest WAP mobile phones and other handheld devices. Using Internet technologies that are optimized for mobile users, initial services will include interactive news, data retrieval and other on-line services for mobile users.

Ericsson will supply the technology, terminals and wireless datacom expertise, whilst Reuters will provide news and data, and introduce customers from the financial services sector. The project will start in London and Frankfurt and other key financial centers and will initially involve one thousand users in the financial services sector.

This marks the first stage in a development program that will deliver progressively advanced mobile datacom services to both financial professionals and individual investors. Services will include personalized displays of financial instruments such as share portfolios, interactive retrieval of news and data, and further on wireless on-line transactions.

Reuters real-time market news and data will be delivered to the latest Ericsson mobile companion, the MC218 and Ericsson's new smart phone R380, as well as other future products in the same category. Both the MC218 and the R380 are equipped with microbrowsers for interactive services using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

"This project uses advanced wireless datacom services and delivers much more than just straightforward short messages, known as SMS, on the display," says Martin Swenne, Manager at Ericsson Business Development, GSM Systems. "Together with Reuters, we're developing new interesting mobile datacom services, that will also be attractive in many other areas and to wider segments. For users, services will be even further improved later on by Ericsson's GPRS technology."

The project expects to confirm the potential of wireless devices as a new distribution medium globally for Reuters news and information services to financial professionals, and to test mobile Internet-based services in a fully functional WAP environment.

"The project aims to demonstrate that Reuters news and financial information can be made readily available to our clients when they are out of the office or away from their desks," says Jonathan Baile, Managing Director, Reuters Wireless Services. "We are committed to using wireless as additional means of delivery of our leading services."

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