Tri-Band GSM Phone Can Deliver Email and Internet Content Using's WAP Technology

San Jose, Calif. (July 28, 1999) ž At the Unwired Universe Conference today Motorola (NYSE: MOT) unveiled its first WAP-capable handset using, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: PHCM) technology. The Tri-band GSM phone, previously seen at the GSM World Congress in February 1999, has been enhanced by the addition of the™ UP.Browser™ R4 for this demonstration. This browser meets the WAP 1.1 specification, and enables the Tri-band GSM phone to access Email and select Internet based information services *.

Visitors to the Unwired Universe Conference can use this exciting new GSM handset operating in the GSM1900 frequency band, to send Email and access select Internet based information services*. Developers are able to discuss content development opportunities for WAP with Motorola and staff.

"The combination of wireless Internet and Tri-band GSM capability can be a powerful tool, allowing access to the wireless Internet wherever a compatible GSM network exists**. Motorola intends to bring WAP technology to the market and progressively roll it out across our entire product range in all technologies, including CDMA, GSM and TDMA," said Mark Powell, Director of Global Portfolio Planning, Motorola's Personal Communications Sector. "Together with our UP.Browser-enabled phones for CDMA and iDENŽ we have a compelling product line-up with Internet capability that surely puts us at the forefront of the wireless industry."

" and Motorola make a powerful combinationžbringing state-of-the-art hardware and software together in a phone which should be well received around the world," said Alain Rossmann, Chairman and CEO of "GSM carriers worldwide have been waiting for WAP capability and we are jointly delivering it on a world class GSM handset."

The phone is expected to be available during the fourth quarter of 1999. In addition to WAP and GSM Tri-band capability it will come equipped with Voice activation, VoiceNote™ Voice recorder***, GSM Data* transmission capability, IrDA wireless modem, VibraCall™ Alert and an Optimax™ Graphics display for easy readability of internet information.'s

UP.Browser R4 software used in the Motorola handset is the market-leading WAP 1.1 microbrowser, the UP.Browser has been licensed to over 24 handset manufacturers around the world.

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