New Ericsson demo facility lets visitors test drive 3G wireless Internet

In a move to accelerate the development of practical applications of the wireless Internet, Ericsson Inc. will launch its Wireless Applications Validation Environment Laboratory (WAVElab) technology initiative at 10 a.m. today at the company's U.S. headquarters in Richardson, Texas.

Ericsson has created WAVElab as a way to collaborate with network operators and application developers to validate wireless Internet applications and technologies. Visitors to the facility will be able to use Ericsson network equipment, communicating with wireless technologies housed in a van, to illustrate the wireless capabilities in a mobile environment.

"WAVElab is a strategic part of Ericsson's overall efforts to work with network operators and service providers to develop Third- Generation applications that appeal to end-users," said Bo Dimert, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ericsson Inc. "It is also an opportunity for individuals to experience the advanced communications tools and resources that will be available to them in a few years."

The initial project will show Ericsson's TDMA-based Enhanced Data rate for Global Evolution (EDGE) solution, which will illustrate high- bandwidth mobile wireless applications at combined data rates up to 384 Kbps. These high data speeds provide services comparable to those of high-performance cable modems and wired networks. Passengers in Ericsson's WAVElab demo vehicle will be able to participate in video conferences with high-quality audio, surf the web and listen to streaming music simultaneously, all while moving around Richardson's Telecom Corridor.

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