London - Reuters and Vodafone have started trials to deliver highly personalised news and information to mobile phone subscribers. Users select the news and information categories which they wish to receive by accessing special private pages on the Internet. Stories, which correspond to the chosen categories or keywords, are then broadcast to the user's phone either at pre-selected times, or whenever the selected news item or story is published.

The trials, which utilise the Vodafone SMS Service (text messaging), are currently running with several hundred Reuters and Vodafone employees and full commercial services are expected to be launched before the end of the year.

Richard Jarvis, managing director of Vodafone Valued Added and Data Services, commented: "Vodafone customers currently generate over 26 million text messages a month. Premium news and information services from Reuters will add greatly to our portfolio of value-added services. They will provide our customers with immediate access to the latest hot news, whether it is events, sports or financial information such as share prices from the world's leading news organisation. Reuters is one of the most respected suppliers of accurate, reliable and fast news and information, and we are very happy to be closely associated with them."

Jonathan Baile, managing director, Reuters Wireless Services said: "Distribution of our branded news and data to the wireless market by personalising the content is another innovative area which we are exploring. In working with Vodafone we will reach a wide new audience for high quality, personalised news and information."

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