Southern LINC to Offer Customers Access to Wireless Data and Internet Using Motorola Internet-Ready Handsets

ATLANTA, Ga. (July 14, 1999) ¾ Southern LINC® and, Inc (Nasdaq:PHCM) today announced that Southern LINC has licensed the™ UP.Link™ Server. As the latest move in its plans to offer wireless data and Internet solutions to customers in the Fourth Quarter of 1999, Southern LINC, the integrated digital wireless communication service from Southern Company, plans to incorporate the UP.Link Server as part of its wireless data infrastructure.

Southern LINC intends to use the UP.Link Server to offer a suite of wireless data and Internet services on Motorola iDEN® handsets, which run the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-compatible UP.Browser™ microbrowser. These services will be combined with Southern LINC's current offering of two-way radio service, phone service and text and numeric paging, and will be integrated into one handset that can be used throughout Southern LINC's 127,000 square mile coverage area in the Southeast United States. technology and Southern LINC service, along with Motorola Internet-ready handsets, will provide customers mobile access to personal and business information, including:

E-mail - Send and receive messages from the field.

Contacts - Access a contact name or phone number, without having to call in or return to the office.

Calendar - Schedule and update appointments.

Travel Directions - Get driving directions from one location to another.

Weather/Traffic - Monitor weather and traffic reports. Stock Quotes - Stay abreast of investments.

News - Monitor the latest news events of the day.

"Southern LINC is dedicated to leveraging our unique coverage and integrated wireless services to further equip our customers with productivity-enhancing tools," said Bob Dawson, president of Southern LINC. "With the combined technology, businesses will have real-time access to information that will help them increase productivity, maximize efficiency and enhance customer service."

Southern LINC customers will have the ability to access corporate databases and intranet-based applications. The UP.Link Server enables Southern LINC to provide customers in industries such as construction, field service and transportation access to applications designed to monitor the location of vehicles, manage work orders and track job flow. In addition, customers can connect their Internet-ready iDEN handset to a laptop or PDA (personal digital assistant), allowing it to serve as a wireless modem.

"By using software, Southern LINC is able to provide its mobile customers with valuable services and applications," said Ben Linder, vice president of marketing for "The UP.Link Server's maturity, scalability and reliability combine to provide Southern LINC with rapid time to market and competitive service offerings."

About Southern LINC Southern LINC, which stands for Long-range Integrated Network Communications, covers 127,000 square miles in the Southeast, including both major metro and rural areas in Alabama, Georgia, southeastern Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle. Using Motorola's iDEN technology, Southern LINC combines multiple communication services into one handheld or installed device including Instant LINC (two-way radio), phone service, numeric and text paging and mobile data. More information about Southern LINC can be obtained by calling 1-800-818-LINC (5462) or visiting the Southern LINC Web site at

Southern Company (NYSE: SO) is an international energy company with more than $35 billion in assets through regional utilities and operations around the world. It is the largest producer of electricity in the United States and one of the world's leading independent power producers. Based in Atlanta, Southern Company is the parent firm of Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, Mississippi Power and Savannah Electric. Through its Southern Energy Inc. subsidiary, Southern Company supplies electricity in 10 countries on four continents and has a growing presence in North America with assets in the Northeast, the Midwest, California and Texas. Southern Company also provides energy-related marketing, trading and technical services and offers Southern LINC wireless telecommunications.

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