TWS Joins Wireless Application Protocol Forum

ATLANTA, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- TWS, Inc. today announced its involvement in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum, demonstrating its commitment to providing consumers and carriers with industry leading technology for the new century.

With more than 10 offices worldwide, TWS offers its bulletIN(TM) products to more than 200 million SMS capable digital phone users today. Through its involvement in the WAP Forum and WAP Development, TWS will ensure that its products continue to provide the industry with advanced wireless messaging features and functionality.

Uniquely targeted at business professionals, bulletIN products allow wireless customers to use their existing digital phones to receive and reply to e-mail messages, have schedule reminders follow them and obtain sports scores, weather reports and other Internet content from anywhere in the world. Additionally, bulletIN provides LAN integration tools that allow selective filtering and dynamic, two-way e-mail for corporate applications.

``We believe that WAP standards will allow us to expand our line of packaged e-mail products and to produce high value applications for carriers,'' said Marlin Nelson, vice president and general manager of TWS. ``We anticipate that our participation in WAP will allow us to create many innovations including new access methods to corporate database information such as pricing, inventory availability and billing records.''

The WAP Forum represents a consortium of more than 100 companies focused on developing a worldwide standard for information and telephony services for wireless devices. With the numerous technological changes facing the wireless industry, TWS believes that WAP will provide a clear path for developers for the future.

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