CitiKey available for WAP phones - now launched

Today, CitiKey, the world's first mobile city guide, launches new services for WAP phones. Using the new generation of cellphones, e.g. Nokias 7110, you can surf to and find the closest restaurant, look up a taxi number, or find out what is happening in the city today. The launch is done in connection with the first public showing of WAP in cellphones with Telia DOF.

CitiKey has gained much attention since the launch earlier this year. CitiKey has so far been available on palm computers. Starting today CitiKey can also be used by WAP-phones on the site WAP enables CitiKey's business model of putting users online with the city and providing customized information when it is most needed.

CitiKey has since the founding focused on mobile technology and the mobile user instead of providing access to an Internet site. We can today show the future of WAP services. This is a first step for us on the huge market that WAP is believed to become, says Ziad Ismail, CEO CitiKey.

The launch of the WAP version of CitiKey means that the user can search among restaurants in a specific price range or area, browse user reviews, locate shopping sites and find out current events. CitiKey also contains cinema listings and provides transportation information.

CitiKey leads mobile media

CitiKey is growing rapidly and will shortly be available in several new European cities. The company is preparing several new launches and product improvements during the fall. CitiKey's goal is to provide the best services for the mobile person.

Our user base is growing by 10-20 percent each week. This is great evidence of the user's appreciation for CitiKey's services. We are currently Stockholm's most popular mobile guide. However, this is only the beginning, and by the end of the year we will have 5-6 new product launches with everything that the mobile person can wish for. CitiKey will include geographic positioning, ticket reservation and several other services, says Ziad Ismail, CEO CitiKey.

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