CMG Unveils the WAP Service BrokerTM A cutting-edge WAP Services platform designed to enable high-speed, personalized mobile access to the Internet.

CMG Telecommunications, today introduced the WAP Service Broker, a performance-based wireless product that is expected to transform the mobile Internet market into a valuable Internet access resource for mobile users. It will also provide mobile operators with an innovative means to harness untapped potential revenue streams by offering differentiated services to their current and prospective subscribers.

The WAP Service Broker (WSB) gives service providers a significant advantage in the competitive mobile market. Because it allows operators to selectively package Internet content into a highly differentiated and personalized information service for subscribers, their ability to capture and retain customers and market share will be significantly enhanced.

The 21st Century Mobile User The mobile network has not remained immune to the massive changes occurring in the enterprise voice/data network. With the increasing acceptance of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), voice/data convergence for the mobile user is imminent. WAP is a standard that allows mobile devices to receive data directly from the Internet without the content-rich graphics that slow down information transfer. WAP is becoming the acknowledged future standard for wireless Internet access, with support from all major wireless product vendors.

According to Iain Gillott, vice president of worldwide consumer and small business telecommunications at International Data Corporation, "There are many vendors, both large and small, entering the wireless and mobile Internet access market today, but generally the solutions lack the scalability and reliability required by the service providers. The successful solutions will be those that can provide true carrier-grade equipment and provide the necessary support and back-up. Not for a couple of million users, but for tens of millions of users. This market will be that significant."

A new product for a new Internet access model Mobile operators need a full-service platform to ease the deployment of integrated, simple-to-use voice/data services to their users and to reduce their time to market. Subscribers don’t need to access all Internet information via their mobile phones, and graphics-intensive web sites can slow content delivery to a crawl. Random surfing becomes a struggle even with a WAP "micro-browser". In addition, the input of URL’s is impractical with user interfaces of existing mobile phones. And, finally, subscribers rarely find content that matches their mobility needs, such as quick access to airline schedule changes, business news, and stock quotes.

WSB provides mobile operators with a comprehensive set of tools to enable them to offer customized content, based on subscriber preferences. With WSB, the addition of new content providers is simple. Users can create a personalized ‘home page’ easily, and WSB supports the dynamic addition, deletion and modifications to their menu of mobile Internet services. Authorized and authenticated access to the system and to applications is handled through the sophisticated security and encryption mechanisms embedded in the WSB architecture. Protection of users, operators and content providers is ensured through the WSB security features.

The WAP Service Broker solves the performance, management, billing and security issues faced by operators deploying new WAP services. Not only does WSB deliver content-rich Internet graphics and data in "lite" form suitable for mobile networks, the WAP Service Broker also addresses the issues of customer care, content management and quality of service.

Phil Redman, program director at leading analyst firm, the Yankee Group, notes that "With the explosive growth in the mobile market, cellular phones and pagers are now an everyday part of business and personal life. As wireless Internet services and applications become more popular, mobile operators will be seeking solutions that offer them ease of deployment and differentiated services on robust, full-service platforms. In this respect, CMG has an extensive track record in wireless networking that may be difficult to match."

The WAP Service Broker unique features

"Network operators are increasingly focused on subscriber services," explained Doug Corrigan, product manager at CMG Telecommunications. "Using WSB, providers can package key content pieces especially for PCS users. The ability to offer personalized subscriptions can offset churn and price competition in the market. By providing an easy means to define and implement personalized services attractive to subscribers, WSB can be used by operators to stabilize their customer base and generate additional revenue through information sources. Specialized content offerings can differentiate network operators, giving those who use WSB considerable advantage over competitors."

Packaging and Availability The WAP Service Broker is currently in trials in Denmark, Ireland and Singapore, with US and Australian deployments planned within 60 days. The WAP Service Broker is an integrated hardware/software solution that combines Compaq Alpha Servers with the WSB Services application package. WSB is fully WAP 1.1 compliant, and interoperability testing has been conducted with major handset vendors.

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