Phone.com, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), and Siemens today announced that Mannesmann Mobilfunk has awarded Siemens a contract to implement a commercial WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) platform. Under the terms of the agreement, Siemens will provide Mannesmann Mobilfunk a turnkey solution, including the Phone.com™ UP.Link™ server suite, which will allow Mannesmann Mobilfunk, the leader in the German cellular market, to provide new wireless Internet service offerings to its mobile customers starting in September 1999. Being a turn-key provider Siemens provides a complete WAP solution comprising infrastructure systems, WAP platform and WAP applications.

Siemens will integrate Phone.com's UP.Link server solution in Mannesmann Mobilfunk's GSM network which will enable Mannesmann Mobilfunk to offer mobile customers with WAP-capable mobile phones access to a variety of D2 information services. The services will be accessed through mobile phones equipped with a WAP-compatible microbrowser. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open, global specification that empowers mobile users with wireless devices to easily access and interact with information and services. WAP standards make it possible for wireless devices to quickly access Web sites and optimize the information displayed. Also, the access to standard HTML web sites is possible via automatic translation. Through WAP, the user cannot only access typical Web sites such as Sports, News and Email on the public Internet, but also have available protected, corporate application specific information over the wireless network.

The user can, for instance, check the cost, length and time of call. Furthermore, WAP enables a multitude of services, from games to PIM functionality such as calendar and address book, which can be accessed through a mobile phone. WAP based services are also an ideal way to open and combine the many possibilities for IN (Intelligent Network) innovative mobile applications.

Beside the typical GSM data communication available today on mobile networks, GPRS represents the future packet data service, which will enhance WAP-based services. GPRS is expected to be available commercially next year.

Siemens has been a system supplier to Mannesmann Mobilfunk since 1993 and installed digital Switching Stations for voice and data services (GPRS), Base Stations, and system solutions for IN into the D2 Network. Siemens is a provider of the complete GSM systems. This is made possible by the rich product portfolio, from manufacturing to delivering a turnkey solution, mobile devices, switching stations and transmission systems. Siemens also offers comprehensive experience in planning, building and operating GSM systems. As a worldwide leader, Siemens has already provided GSM systems to more than 120 network operators in over 65 countries.

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