EMUmail releases www.hobomail.com, A Mobile Mail Server for the Palm VII

HoboMail is an email product/service bundle enabling mobile Palm VII users access to their existing POP3 email accounts from the wireless handheld devices.

Hobomail.com and the HoboServer produ a fully functional POP3 client with features like filtering, reply, MIME mail, signatures and server based folders.

Mr. Mankins, President of EMUmail stated his purpose in releasing the service: "As a Palm VII user myself, I found it awkward to access my e-mail accounts, which is why I bought the Palm VII to begin with. Now, using www.hobomail.com, I can configure the site to provide an easy, secure way to get my mail on my Palm VII."

The HoboServer backend system used to create the Hobomail.com site is available for sale immediately to corporations and e-commerce businesses who wish to control and secure their email infrastructure on site.

The HoboServer is available for both Windows NT and Unix (Linux, Solaris, BSD, etc.) platforms and is able to be run on a secure web server with an initial price of $1250. The HoboServer compliments a company's existing web to email accessibility strategy by allowing all types of secure accessibility options for the enterprise.

The HoboMail Palm Query Application can be downloaded free from http://www.hobomail.com/download.html, and will be introduced to Shareware sites later this month.

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